“Figured out that academics did not bring happiness”


An academic achiever till class X. Did not score good marks in class XII, up to the expectations of his parents. Cleared JEE (Advanced) for admission into IITs but did not qualify for an admission in computer related fields. Joined Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) in 2014. Failed in three subjects straight in the first semester. Figured out that academics did not bring happiness. Started doing what he loved – building websites and other technical projects. Thrown out of a full time internship saying lack of talent, inability to produce desired results and low productivity. Currently in the third year of Mathematics & Computing Engineering and simultaneously working with Microsoft and TEDxTughlaqRd (India’s second biggest and Delhi’s biggest TED event).

Have successfully completed building 20 websites and 27 technical projects in total. 6 internships completed and 6 positions of responsibility held. Proud recipient of Pragya Chakshu Award and International Award for Young People. Owns a MacBook Pro which he gladly calls as #Maciiee which he bought for himself and is symbolic of the fact that he could achieve something that seemed impossible to him.

Now, he is trying to break stereotypical mindsets prevalent in our society by the means of his book ‘Celebrating Failure’ which aims to bring out the stories of 15 sung and mostly unsung heroes who celebrated their failure by doing what they loved.

Failing at petty exams is not the end. Broken relationship is not the end. Not getting an internship or a job in your dream company isn’t the end. Being bankrupt isn’t the end. One should never give up on their dreams, what they always wanted to do when they were young. Let it be entrepreneurship, dancing, singing, acting, comedy, sports – anything.

If you ever wanted to bring about a change in the society and make India better, in the real sense, then here is your chance. A lot of us, only criticize about what’s going wrong but only 0.0001% people come forward to take initiatives of their own or help people like him who are trying to bring about a change in the society

Contribute small amounts at bit.ly/celebratingfailure . If you can’t monetarily help, then kindly spread the word amongst your social circle, so it reaches a wider audience.


Dhruv Avdhesh


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