Life is a roller-coaster ride.

Life is a roller-coaster ride. Full of twists and turns and surprises. It never offers anything without getting paid nor does it let anyone take it for granted. But when somehow journey is smooth, life is beautiful too.

I am also stubborn enough to challenge it and not accept it as it comes. I rather believe in not chasing shadows and enjoy my roller-coaster ride. I would like to take this moment and proudly say “I survived!”

My life has never been easy. Lady luck wants me to struggle for everything I desire. But I believe that’s how the value comes. When I first came to my college, it was a drastic downfall for me. I felt I never belonged there. And I couldn’t be happy where I didn’t belong. So I wandered outside my class and found amazing hardworking people and learned so much about college. Then Talerang came but my dad was never up for it but I fought for my stand and represented my college at a future CEO programme. I also wanted to be a part of Ramcomm society but couldn’t get through the auditions so I worked externally and at the end of 1st year they called me to be a part of them. Victory! I also joined 2 other societies in the beginning but didn’t find that zeal and life purpose there so I decided to leave it after 1 year to work on my project of bringing Enactus to my college which soon is going to be a reality.

Times have been where I wanted to tell people what I like, what I do but they never bothered to listen to me; where I was so depressed; where I almost gave up but I knew I have to keep going to make my story inspiring. Now I can proudly say “I survived!”img_20160128_004345

– Kritika Chhabra


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