How Steve jobs’ biography and YIC taught me to do what I love.

I remember that day when I had my first day of my college. I saw the crowd in which I was going to get lost. I am still able to recall how much isolated I felt that day.

In second year me & my friend went to a book market to have some books to read. I suggested him to buy that white colored book on which it was written “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. I was totally unaware of the name written. I told my friend to lend me his book. The next day I got that book and I started reading it. As the time passed I started connecting the dots with my own life. His team leading skills, Management had a deep impact on me. I was so much inspired that I read it 15 times. I started feeling that I can also achieve the impossible. He taught me that anyone can achieve impossible by doing what he loves.


I thought that just like Steve Jobs came to India to find motivation, inspiration and for the reason he took birth. I should also look out for the same.

In July I found some info about YIC on Facebook. I applied for it and waited for the date of the event. The day came & I went there with full enthusiasm. Kamal sir’s story inspired me that you can change the world if you do what you love.


During the “Hack your brain” workshop Wioleta mam was telling us to do meditation. She told us to close our eyes and watch the impossible achieved. After that she asked to pour out our heart about what we saw. I poured out my heart as the new CEO of Apple! J . Wioleta mam told me that you will be the CEO one day. Noise of clapping echoed the hall and made my day and life also.

teamI think YIC inspired me to #DoWhatYouLove. I am the one who is going to achieve the impossible.

I Just want to Thank Kamal Sir, Wioleta Mam and Happiness Team specially Dhruv Bro for Teaching me #DoWhatYouLove.


(The next CEO of Apple J)

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