I don’t believe in destiny, you create your own.

It all started with second YIC at SRCC when I was a delegate and on Day 1 we were asked to share our passion with everyone. Though I cleared my IPCC then and was preparing for MBA, still I’d say writing. I confessed my passion as writing to other 99 delegates and I couldn’t believe myself saying that. The incident might not sound as happening but it made me realise two things. Either I’m faking my passion or what I’m actually doing is wasting my time.

By the third day I was clear that I’ll no longer pursue CA and writing came back to my life. Confusion and fear would occupy my mind all the time but faith and passion kept it going. I used to update my blog, read stuff, started interning. I could now talk to people with confidence and tell my story. As they say, right things happen when you’re positive about it. Soon I found myself interning with Human Circle and everyone around was so motivating that it further pushed me to decide my genre of writing.
“I want to become a travel writer”
“I’m an aspiring travel journalist”
“I’m a travel writer”
It took me more than a year to figure my way out. And the journey wasn’t easy. My father wouldn’t speak with me for months for my disrupted decision. I could find my way with internships in creative writing but “travel” was hard. That phase was really challenging.
To be a travel writer you have to travel and we know what scenario sustains in Indian households with girl child. Thousands of arguments, pleading, begging, strategising and finally I could make my first trip in December 2015. That was another push for me. At 10,000ft on a mountain I could feel what I had always yearned for.
I grew more determinant, persistent and optimistic and tried to find my way through travel. I got some little opportunities which led me to a big one: NDTV GoodTimes.
I still have to give thousands of excuses to my father for my internships and trips but it is my mother and sister who stand as a support for me back in home.
Till the time I graduated, I had 6 internships where 4 of them were in content writing and 2 of them in travel writing and it all happened in just one year.
Currently, I’m working with the University of Chicago Center in Delhi (thanks to Human Circle) and also freelancing for two travel organisations called Inspired Traveller and Alpaviram.
I still have a long way to go and there is more struggle than I know but after beating all the odds if I could come here, I’m sure I’ll walk further.
I don’t believe in destiny, you create your own. And I had taken a good habit of maintaining a “Dream Diary” from Wiola which I had been writing since last September and recently I went through its initial entry and found, every 2 out of 4 entries came true. And you know where the magic lies? In the thought that you’ve done it already, you’re happy and grateful.
Stop “wanting” things and experience its completion. It’s a very spiritual statement but as long as it motivates you, it is solving the purpose.
Ishani Palandurkar
Travel Writer


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