” I know I am meant to do something big”

I have been a versatile child.

Tried everything from roller skating to classical music to sports. Now out of college, I look back and wonder what I did in my school days. Shockingly, I realised that I haven’t been able to stick with any one thing. I did enough in everything to get me recognised a bit, but I didn’t actually specialise or excel in any of those things. That made me very sad. And then when Indian parents ask you what you want to do with your life, you start worrying. But I have been somewhat lucky. In my 11th grade, I suddenly developed a keen interest in Business and decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t know anything about how I am going to achieve this goal. I just knew that this was my calling. This has been the case even now. I don’t know how I will start a company. I haven’t got any business idea. And that scares me. I see startup stories, I get inspired, but I don’t write a business plan. This is the challenge I am facing right now. I have decided where I want to go but I don’t know how. I try to find the perfect Eureka Moment. I read, I write, I experience. Ideas can sprout from anywhere and my faith in me keeps the entrepreneurial fire burning in me. Because I know I am meant to do something big.


–  Harman Khurana (Attended Young India Challenge at SRCC 2016 )

3 thoughts on “” I know I am meant to do something big”

  1. You have a serious problem that young india facing ..!?
    How to do .?
    Hope you get to able your idea practicality …
    Good luck


  2. Story of my life but I am still in the initial stages of finding my passion. Feels good to know that I am not the only one. Thanks for sharing!


    • Pragya, thanks for sharing.
      Lots of people believe that they have only one passion that they have to find. It is not like that 🙂 “Finding your passion” means the ability to identify within yourself what is that you love doing and is important for others at the same time, in this particular moment. It is an ability to able to focus on things that truly matters to us, and avoid doing things that we don’t connect to. Things that we do only because we want to please others, or follow some models or reality that do not serve us, eg being engineer to please our parents because they think its the only way for a child to find a good job. That could be true in some cases but not for all. So “finding your passion” is an ability to identify what model of reality is good for you, today.


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