Sick, yet healthy!

The title seems absurd, doesn’t it?
To me, it doesn’t. While the body is sick, the mind could be completely healthy and that is what this blog shall talk about. 🙂

I haven’t been keeping well for a little while now and the starting days were pure misery. The body affecting the mind part took over in all its strength. I was physically weak and mentally sad. All of this lead to no improvement in my health whatsoever. Then, one day, while reading I realised this very beautiful thing:
“If your mind falls sick, with your physical body, there can be no illness longer to cure than that. While, if your mind sustains it’s health while the body is sick, it becomes the stick to the blind.”

It was only when I was thinking about it that I became all positive about every thing that has been happening. I remembered reading a few books where in, with the change of the person’s psyche and understanding of things, the body healed. That’s right. The healing of the mind lead to the healing of the body.

I suggest you to read the book, “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani to explore the world of healing yourself through a real life example. And should you find your faith growing and your desire to cure yourself, give ‘You can Heal your life’ by Louis L. Hay a chance. I promise the books shall do wonders for you with little or negligible efforts of yours.

Psychologists have been debating over the body mind fa8aba3991f7fe4ecc458f06d84836dddichotomy for quite a while now i.e. whether biology affects the mind and our psychology or vice versa. I am a believer of both. While I fell sick and gave in to my illness, I saw my disease take over my positivity and emotional health. But, as soon as I took control of the silly mind that went haywire, I saw myself recovering happily.

The blog might not be a great insight to the magic and powers of positive psychology, but I do wish it quivers your conscience to give the books a look or the magics, a try! Happy healing. 🙂

– Bhavya Arora

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