Find your passion, before you begin following it


Rachit Malhotra

While I have the time of my life at the SRCC campus in the two days on Saturday & Sunday at the YIC, I wouldn’t be lying if I say that I miss office. (Yes, I work all seven days)

But it has not been a ‘straight to the goal’ journey this far,where I am in life. And I’m fortunate enough to be here. The road this far has been…tricky…to say the least.

& here’s my story about that…

I wanted to be a professional footballer when I was in 8th class. Until 6th class I didn’t even know I existed! But then that’s a story for another day. By the time I finished with 9th standard, I also wanted to be a poet.
Not your everyday combination right? Footballer-Poet!

Thanks to some external influences (sarcasm intended here), I gave up on both as far as making a career was concerned. And decided to take on academics a little more seriously. From an average 75 percenter till 10th grade, I became a topper 75 percenter in 11th and 12th in science. They used to call me Chemistry King. This was also the time when I wanted to be a hardcore researcher in theoretical sciences.

Enter Engineering!

The guy who made me fall in love with chemistry – my chemistry tutor, was also my undoing. I wanted to take up Chemical Engineering. He convinced me and my parents that I should take up Electronics. And so I did, at NSIT/DCE.

Out of all the things I have Ever wanted to be, I felt the need to be this the strongest in my 2nd and 3rd year ; that I don’t want to be an engineer!
It was too late. I had no option but to either wait for 4th year for placements, or to wait for 4th year and join my family business.

The Family Business!

While I was busy getting into my engineering college after 12th, my parents were laying ground for a second major business. By the time I finished with 3rd year, they started a 3rd business.
Last month I started off with a 4th.

I took up campus placements, worked at Deloitte for 2 years. Well, not worked actually. *Went to Deloitte for 2 years.
And then was the much awaited start; to join the family businesses.

I had an extremely happy time at Deloitte. Because I knew I didn’t have to be there.
I thought I’d be even happier once I joined the business, and when I did…
The first 6 months were possibly one of the hardest 6 months of my life. I was miserable, guilty, reckless, all over the place, more guilty, and most of all- I was sad. I was really sad. You know ,like really sad.

Post 6 months, things started changing. I started changing. My life started changing. I enrolled myself into the SP Jain, Family Managed Business course. I started doing things in my business. Started taking lead, seeing the impact I made. I became more assertive. I became more open. I was always a learner, and I realised how important that was for life.
I didn’t realise but I actually started loving my work!

Fast forward to today, and here I am living and loving each day of my life.
Though there are still things that I want to do and be in life. Like I want to be a truck driver. I want to be a business consultant. A football coach for kids. An advisor and mentor for all those students who are in that boat where I was at a point in life.

I also want to continue to be happy, to keep on loving what i do, and to continually seek experiential learning.
And this, I’m sure I’ll be able to do.


– Rachit Malhotra

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