Teaching and writing gives me happiness since childhood


Teaching and writing gives me happiness since childhood. Sound knowledge and academics is the base of both passions.

As I belong to a small village, getting quality education was not in reach easily. Since childhood I travelled in public transports for schooling in nearby town. Travelling for 4-5 hours a day, walking 5-6 kms., fighting with the evils of society which u come across every day I passed my 12th standard with 1st rank in the district. Along with it never gave up on my passion. I taught students at home in summer breaks and even after coming from school. There was no scope for writing but I passionately wrote speeches and articles for the assembly in school and recited them there.

These hardships taught me the importance and need of higher education from a well established institute. Overcoming all the odds like lack of career guidance, no internet access, unavailability of good coaching classes for further career avenues’ preparation; by making each and every effort contacting people and setting things right in place, I landed in Government Law College, Mumbai (one of the leading law institute). I always drew inspiration from my mother and kept fighting with the challenges of language barrier, change of lifestyle and finally I am doing very well in my academics and co-curricula. After shifting to Bombay I taught in a municipal school and I am writing for online journals and websites.

I knew since start that studying in a leading institute will provide me with plethora of opportunities to follow my passion with more enthusiasm. And yes, it is so today. I want to become a judge but simultaneously I want to continue with teaching and writing with same the passion till the end because this is what I love.


Written By- Paridhi Agar


You need to fall in order to rise


Chubby Little palms holding a huge pair of scissors

She didn’t know how to express heart

through anything other than art.

As she grew taller

The paints were tossed in the corner 

Thinner waist and higher score

She thought, is the way for her her to find the core

Lost herself in the midnight calignosity

A pack of wolves devoured her verociously 

Left aflame, bashed

Rose a pheonix from ash

As a kid I never knew how to express my affection through anything other than art. But some how they ended up in the trash. Never left a mark, never gave myself a chance. I feared failure so much that I turned into one as I grew up. The time I invested trying to be social increased steadily. In this blurred period, I stopped growing as a person. I was so busy trying to fit in that I had amputed the most beautiful parts of me. During middle school, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and low confidence were my acquaintances. While struggling through it, the only thing that made me feel better was cooking. Patisserie sounded like a great option, it would utilise my creativity(Because just being creative doesn’t pays, isn’t it?) and I will be around delicious food, well, what else do I even need? But that wasn’t it. I realised I would be constricted in a room for hours and just something about it didn’t feel right. After passing out from high school, I couldn’t get away with tilting my head and smiling sheepishly when someone asking what did I want to do. I feared diving in the ocean and swimming across, emerging a new person, losing my old self. But then, I dived. I decided to utilise one academic year to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I enrolled my self into Advertisement classes and learned basic photography, did an internship at a travel agency and started volunteering for social causes, met a lot of people, participated in things which would push me out of my comfort zone, failed, rose. I have decided to take up applied arts. As a kid I had once told my parents firmly how I’ll get into an art school when I grow up. I already knew back then, I let externalities cloud my inner conscious. I still have my doubts and fears but they can’t control me any more, I can’t let them. I might fail but I tried. I know this decision won’t please my father and the competition out there is tough. I have a long way to go.

Allow yourself to guide you. Utilise opportunities, take risks. You need to fall in order to rise.


Saloni Maheshwari – attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai


No matter what, always do what you love


I was five years old when I danced for the first time. Now, I am twenty plus and I am passionate about dance.

My career goal and passion are two different things. Six months ago, I got admission in   a Management College . I had always wanted to do MBA and get into the advertising sector. But, I was not happy with my admission as I wanted to do MBA from one of the top 30/40 colleges of India. After thinking a lot, I decided to prepare again and appear for  entrance exams next year.

As I always wanted to pursue my passion along with my career, I decided to shift to Mumbai and take professional dance training. When I told my decision to my family,  they were shocked. They thought I was being immature and foolish by foregoing my MBA admission. I and my father had many  discussions about my plan. At last, my father agreed  to send me to Mumbai for  three months . I wanted to stay in Mumbai for a longer time and do another course after my first dance  course as no one can  become a dancing star in three months. My dad refused to sponsor me for more than three months. I went to my grandparents and asked them if they could help me as  they had deposited some money in a bank in my name.  They were ready to help me, but  were a bit  hesitant as they were afraid of my dad’s reaction. Somehow I convinced  my dad and decided to manage my expenses from the  money my grandparents had deposited in my name.

This whole journey was tough but today I am in Mumbai and doing what I wanted to do.

So no matter what, always do what you love.

Richa Misra


The most difficult task is to stand up for ourselves in life!


How when I used to witness female protagonist transgressing from ashes to phoenix, I used to dream of doing the same, although, with a greater difficulty. Coming from a family where I wasn’t inherited with assets like beauty, riches or a big name. With a father, emotionally dead for me and unemployed since 18 years, I never imagined that I could trace this much journey of my life with such a stature, all because of my superwoman. It was during my school times, when I used to be the ‘ugliest’, I tried fixing the problem of my beauty by losing 30-kg straight and switching to a healthy lifestyle, in order to be accepted as an ‘average girl’, AT LEAST. It was only after accomplishing that streak, when I realized the actual importance of having a good health and also because that the “ugly” prefix to my name had more or less made me numb on feelings, rendering me least on confidence and self-esteem, which, once led to my decision of almost dropping law.

Today, as I retrospect, I see myself as a really submissive one, even so, because I had articulately realized the absence of any X-Factor in my life. I was like any other beauty obsessed girl. But today, I know that the only priced obsession that one can be vested with is CONFIDENCE and WILL to follow one’s dream, which I realized that I have and it is not something as ephemeral as beauty because it radiates even more with experiences and injuries. I lost weight, I beat against all odds and decided to do law, I participated in public speaking, I became indiscriminate about human color, all because I had the courage to scorch out of my comfort zone, and make my own distinct identity sans “TAGS!”

I am still young to preach this, but, yes, the most difficult task is to stand up for ourselves in life! Don’t be afraid to accept your weaknesses and work upon   it. Stay motivated in life, it works like a protein shake. Its just like taking a bath, sometimes doesn’t long, but, necessary to have everyday! Don’t make your   negatives a reason to whine about, instead, craft it into some turning points of your success story  or even your failure ones! I am on my way too!

 Khubi Agarwalattended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai


Being a social influencer


I’m Ankit Dhame, and I currently am 20 years old. When I was 11, I learned how to play the piano, when I was 12, I learned how to play the drums. When I was 14, I learned how to play the guitar, and realized that I could sing a little. When I was 15, I held a professional camera for the first time. I begged my mom dad to rent the camera for a day, and they did. I learnt how to operate a professional DSLR. When I was 16, I tried writing a song, and composing the music for it, sang and played it, and recorded it on multiple tracks. I played my first gig, and an event organizer invited me to perform for him. I also got my own camera when I was 16. I loved to dance too.
When I turned 17, I got signed by a dance studio as an instructor to teach Contemporary dance.
After taking a lot of pictures, when I was 18, ScoopWhoop featured me in an article as on of 13 Most inspiring Instagrammers in India.
And after that, I was one of Instagram’s Suggested accounts, which means that Instagram followed me on Instagram, and asked everyone to follow me too.
So I have 45k+ followers on instagram. ( www.instagram.com/pixelsior )
Last year, my work got published in The Hindu.
This year, GoPro, a multibillion dollar camera company, asked me to endorse their product. So now, I am one of GoPro’s official social influencers. I also won a GoPro award.
I have worked with many international brands as their social influencer, done campaigns for Tata Homes, MakeMyTrip, etc.
Btw, I am currently studying engineering from K.J Somaiya, and am in the third year; and I got signed by a social marketing company as their on board photographer.
I love taking photos, and being an engineering student, I currently am earning what my batch mates will earn two years later.
What I want to say is, it’s okay if you don’t know what you love to do. Or if you love doing new things every year. You are not “supposed to be” something. You are supposed to be you. If you believe in yourself, and keep on learning, you can make a career out of literally anything.
Ankit Dhame – attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai

“I chose to challenge my father and opted out of engineering”.


I was born as a second daughter to a Kanpur family, obsessed with the hope of having a son. There were constant tussles within the family and I grew up seeing my mother and sister go through immense physical and psychological abuse. To add to the misery of being the not-so-worthy child, I was dark. Having my self-worth totally shattered by the rude remarks of family and society, the only choice left for me was to struggle and prove my worth. Inspite of all challenges, I toiled hard to be a National Level Swimmer and Violinist all at the age of 7 years. And as a child I happened to be creative, though my father considered it useless. Again to prove my worth I secured highest percentage of 96% in class 10th, first ever in school’s history and third highest in the city. After that, in a city where only engineering and medical stream were seen as viable career options, it was painstakingly hard to convince my father for my passion for Design, a discipline where I belonged. Back in 2012, in Kanpur, not many regarded Design as a worthy discipline. So I chose to challenge my father and opted out of engineering, risking everything. Achieved All India Rank 1 in NIFT entrance exam and gave it up to pursue Industrial Product Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. And at NID, received Sir RATAN TATA Scholarship for brilliant academic performance. Completed my entire academic course much before everyone else in the batch and hence, became the youngest to qualify for the prestigious degree. So yes, choosing my career was a struggle. I could do so only because of my undying passion for Design and of having my strong-willed mother and sister and few real friends always by my side.

Bhanvee Gupta – attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai


Why to write an inspiring story when you can be an inspiration to the world.


Write an inspiring story, why to write one when we have hundreds of story available on the internet to read and trust me all the teenagers have read some or the other story and got inspired for may be a hour or a day or a month or a few lucky ones really got inspired and did something to inspire others.

Why to write a story and why not be a inspiration to the world rather !!!

Let’s start with my life journey.

The day I was born 1st March 1997.  Years and years passed by until I entered until school started and all the teachers complained about how naughty and energetic I am and from that day those lessons which you get from your parents about the behaviour skills I started getting that and that changed me how I was as a person and was not living with the true personality I have but hey ! That’s okay everyone needs to be guided at some point of life before they decide to live the life they love.

As I entered my in the later half of my secondary school I decided that I want to do something for the society and want to be an inspiration for everyone, but we live in a world where everyone laughs at you and tries to bring you down when you tell them about that you want to be an inspiration for other. That’s what I got from the society when I shared my ideas with others it every time got pass by some comments like arre rehne de tere se kuch nahi hoga and all. But there was something in me that kept me driving and after completing 10th without whiling away any time I joined a personality developed course for a year which was known as KAIZEN DONE BY WORLD HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER (WHDC) that was my stepping stone towards my transformation. After completing this course I saw a huge shift in me I can say that I have so much confidence in me that I can give a speech in front of any one and also an number of crowd that’s the amount of self confidence I got. So I went from being a very shy guy to an complete extrovert. There I decided now it’s the time to inspire people. So I joined a high school and there was election for the Head Boy so people only from 11th can stand for the election and I stood for it and I had one more person standing for the same election but he was in this school from 6th standard and knew end number of people and teachers but I knew very few so I took it up as a challenge and showed everyone my skills of presenting and bang on the results came in my favour everyone was so impressed that I got 70% of the votes. There was new a leader born in me.

I always had a thought in mind that I want to do something for the society and want to inspire the youth. So one evening when I was listening to the speech of Steve Jobs that he gave at a university convocation  and said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”  This got fit in my mind and I started connecting the dots it took me a around 3 days to come up with a idea to inspire the youth and to be an inspiration for them. The idea was why not have a Model United Nation (MUN) Conference. The very next day I approached the principle of my high school and she was very impressed and she said go ahead with it but the only thing I requested her is I don’t need any teachers help. I want to do it entirely by students and she gave it a thought and then she said okay. There it was a very successful MUN which had 800 students participating in it for a two full day conference. It was super hit.

There I was looking at the participants faces and hearing them call out my name while I was walking towards the stage to give the closing speech. I knew I inspired them. They had a MUN this year too and I was the advisor of the MUN. There I clearly inspired the students.

I believe that we are who we choose to be.

Nobody is going to come and save you. You’ve got to save yourself.

Nobody is going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for it.

Nobody knows what you want except you, and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it.

So don’t give up your dreams.


Yash Chheda

– attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai


Motivated by FEAR

Karan Narang is the Assistant Manager (Marketing) at MISB Bocconi. He connected instantly with the delegates. Karan shared some of his own life experiences in order to make the delegates understand the persistence and determination they need to have while achieving their goals. Running away wont work.

“Every person is afraid of something or the other, but we should not let it come in between our way to success. Face you fears. Only that will make you brave. Don’t give up because you are afraid.” says Karan.

The biggest obstacle in everyone’s journey is fear. Let’s conquer them and achieve our goals!



Warm Regards,

Happiness Team



Being a Realist is the way to go!

Pranay Swarup, Co-Founder and CEO , Chtrbox, was on the jury panel of YIC. He also spoke briefly at the event and was very happy with the initiative taken by the Human Circle. He feels that schools and colleges today do not give students such kinds of platforms. His interests lie in knowing the youth today and how they want to turn their lives into something more meaningful. He is passionate about branding, marketing and digital media.

He believes that everything around is the output of somebody’s efficient and persistent efforts. This is what that has made us evolve from apes to homo sapiens.

What one needs to succeed is to recognize the problems and implement proper solutions.

One advice he gave to our delegates, “Your dreams should be realistic, if not, you should be able to know how to bring them to reality.”

He definitely motivated all our delegates to perform better and better!

#DoWhatYouLove #YoungIndiaChallengeDSC_0068.JPG


It’s only a matter of CHANCE!

Ameya Ambulkar, the Lead in the English Literacy Program at Leap of Word, a non-profit social enterprise, working on increasing English Literacy. He believes in thinking big and accomplishing your dreams. It is not a sin to dream big, but it is a sin to leave it just as a dream! He is a practical and passionate individual who believes in the ‘Self Feeding Cycle’.

English, being his area of expertise, connecting it with his job gave him fulfillment. Ameya on said, ” #DoWhatYouLove is a platform available to the youth to recognize a pre-existing passion and follow it”.

It’s never about simply identifying your talents, it is about struggling and fighting to grab the chance to prove yourself. Why was a beggar born in a poor family? Why did someone from a rich family was out on the roads today, begging? It is only a matter of chance! You need to analyze, how closer have you reached to solve the problem? Perseverance is the key.

Seize the opportunity, thrive to be the best! Don’t Settle!

#DoWhatYouLove #YoungIndiaChallenge