Be in motion! Be Creative!

It all begins with Wioleta’s favorite ‘Sharmaji’. All he does is compares his son’s marks with his neighbors’s son and believes in ‘what people say’. He also sometimes, he gives some useless ‘gyan’. Though she believes in Friendship and Family, without whom there cannot be permanent happiness but doesn’t support oppression, stagnancy and peer pressure. Agreeing completely with her were the delegates present in the house. Like minds gel well 🙂

Personal stories and accounts were divulged into with many delegates breaking their barriers, letting go of their comfort zone and finding a newfound sense of freedom.
New Hacks and experiences were narrated, new ways to help people live, feel and love better and improve on what they lack in. This session majorly focused on setting up a new mental system, breaking the blemish, painting a new canvas and diminishing being judgmental.

Wioleta emphasizes on the power of the creative mind. It is a sacred gift to any human being which needs to be nurtured, cared and pampered. This can be done by taking care of yourself and your body. Second lesson to being happy!

It’s not just about dreaming and planning on achieving, it is about what your mission statement is. Planned steps and proper implementation. Getting rid of your fears by facing them, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Wioleta believes in ‘satori’, a state of complete consciousness and enlightenment.

So on.. we’re on a find 3 new people and break your ambition to them.


This a movement, within yourself.


Warm Regards ,

Happiness Team


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