Kamal Hacks Their Brains!

Kudos to the top 10%. All set to reach the top 1%!

Appreciate what you’ve got! You are the best. You’ve been chosen to be one of the best. This what Kamal Seth, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at the Human Circle feels about the delegates at YIC Mumbai. However at the same time, Kamal believes in pursuing one’s talents and be better with every passing minute is what will shower success. Happiness is not only laughing and joking but it lies in the excitement and adventures coming your way while achieving your dreams!

Kamal Seth indulged the delegates in an interactive session, knowing about every person’s point of view on dreaming big. This session started with a fun clapping session to enliven the audience. This was indeed the best moment and the delegates were surely even more excited.

How is YIC to benefit the delegates according to them? Self assessment, breaking the stigma in the Indian society about choosing careers based on their marks, dealing with hypocrisy, experiences they are looking forward to in their lives, understanding the need of socialization and overcoming their fears to a certain limit.

The session termed “Hack your Brain” enlightened the delegates about their dreams and future plans thereby announcing their goals and plans. The issues spoken about were: The gap between the graduates coming from college and their  unemployable natures. Major reasons to these were discussed namely  the rat race, the paths less traveled, the difficulties in going against the tide and everything that would help the delegates realize their potential.

As interactive the session was the delegates are slowly getting more comfortable and open about spreading and sharing the experiences and ideas not forgetting their views on life and how they’ve survived or handled them till now.

The start to  finding what they love and the path to get there has just begun, the main key to all of this being : HAPPINESS.
Warm Regards,

Happiness Team


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