Paradox, Humor and Change

Trijog is Mumbai’s leading mental wellness platform and has transformed several lives since inception in 2014. Anureet Sethi (Founder) and Arushi Sethi(Co-founder) shared their stories with the delegates which led to the foundation of the mental awareness platform, Trijog.

This session weighed the effects of emotional shock, baggage and acknowledgment of psychological problem that have for a long time been a stigma in our country.

What is emotional first-aid understanding? Anureet felt the need for this understanding to be inculcated in the minds of the youth and the realms of our education in an attempt to eradicate the problems of depression, suicide, peer pressure and emotional dependency.

Arushi feels  that your mind can change your whole world around you, reiterating SATORI.As important may IQ be, we need to approve and understand the need of EQ, work towards improving and changing the mindsets by spreading the right kind of awareness.
The Speaker duo of mother and daughter have with over 30+ years of experience with the guidelines of their own lives and have brought forward this important yet ignored aspect of our lives.

Make sure to realize the wider picture..  Let the vision be larger than you. You are just a mere speck of dust in this world full of twinkling stars and clouds.

Let us all bring a positive change in our lives and enjoy every moment.




Warm Regards,

Happiness Team




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