Being a social influencer


I’m Ankit Dhame, and I currently am 20 years old. When I was 11, I learned how to play the piano, when I was 12, I learned how to play the drums. When I was 14, I learned how to play the guitar, and realized that I could sing a little. When I was 15, I held a professional camera for the first time. I begged my mom dad to rent the camera for a day, and they did. I learnt how to operate a professional DSLR. When I was 16, I tried writing a song, and composing the music for it, sang and played it, and recorded it on multiple tracks. I played my first gig, and an event organizer invited me to perform for him. I also got my own camera when I was 16. I loved to dance too.
When I turned 17, I got signed by a dance studio as an instructor to teach Contemporary dance.
After taking a lot of pictures, when I was 18, ScoopWhoop featured me in an article as on of 13 Most inspiring Instagrammers in India.
And after that, I was one of Instagram’s Suggested accounts, which means that Instagram followed me on Instagram, and asked everyone to follow me too.
So I have 45k+ followers on instagram. ( )
Last year, my work got published in The Hindu.
This year, GoPro, a multibillion dollar camera company, asked me to endorse their product. So now, I am one of GoPro’s official social influencers. I also won a GoPro award.
I have worked with many international brands as their social influencer, done campaigns for Tata Homes, MakeMyTrip, etc.
Btw, I am currently studying engineering from K.J Somaiya, and am in the third year; and I got signed by a social marketing company as their on board photographer.
I love taking photos, and being an engineering student, I currently am earning what my batch mates will earn two years later.
What I want to say is, it’s okay if you don’t know what you love to do. Or if you love doing new things every year. You are not “supposed to be” something. You are supposed to be you. If you believe in yourself, and keep on learning, you can make a career out of literally anything.
Ankit Dhame – attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai

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