“I chose to challenge my father and opted out of engineering”.


I was born as a second daughter to a Kanpur family, obsessed with the hope of having a son. There were constant tussles within the family and I grew up seeing my mother and sister go through immense physical and psychological abuse. To add to the misery of being the not-so-worthy child, I was dark. Having my self-worth totally shattered by the rude remarks of family and society, the only choice left for me was to struggle and prove my worth. Inspite of all challenges, I toiled hard to be a National Level Swimmer and Violinist all at the age of 7 years. And as a child I happened to be creative, though my father considered it useless. Again to prove my worth I secured highest percentage of 96% in class 10th, first ever in school’s history and third highest in the city. After that, in a city where only engineering and medical stream were seen as viable career options, it was painstakingly hard to convince my father for my passion for Design, a discipline where I belonged. Back in 2012, in Kanpur, not many regarded Design as a worthy discipline. So I chose to challenge my father and opted out of engineering, risking everything. Achieved All India Rank 1 in NIFT entrance exam and gave it up to pursue Industrial Product Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. And at NID, received Sir RATAN TATA Scholarship for brilliant academic performance. Completed my entire academic course much before everyone else in the batch and hence, became the youngest to qualify for the prestigious degree. So yes, choosing my career was a struggle. I could do so only because of my undying passion for Design and of having my strong-willed mother and sister and few real friends always by my side.

Bhanvee Gupta – attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai

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