Why to write an inspiring story when you can be an inspiration to the world.


Write an inspiring story, why to write one when we have hundreds of story available on the internet to read and trust me all the teenagers have read some or the other story and got inspired for may be a hour or a day or a month or a few lucky ones really got inspired and did something to inspire others.

Why to write a story and why not be a inspiration to the world rather !!!

Let’s start with my life journey.

The day I was born 1st March 1997.  Years and years passed by until I entered until school started and all the teachers complained about how naughty and energetic I am and from that day those lessons which you get from your parents about the behaviour skills I started getting that and that changed me how I was as a person and was not living with the true personality I have but hey ! That’s okay everyone needs to be guided at some point of life before they decide to live the life they love.

As I entered my in the later half of my secondary school I decided that I want to do something for the society and want to be an inspiration for everyone, but we live in a world where everyone laughs at you and tries to bring you down when you tell them about that you want to be an inspiration for other. That’s what I got from the society when I shared my ideas with others it every time got pass by some comments like arre rehne de tere se kuch nahi hoga and all. But there was something in me that kept me driving and after completing 10th without whiling away any time I joined a personality developed course for a year which was known as KAIZEN DONE BY WORLD HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER (WHDC) that was my stepping stone towards my transformation. After completing this course I saw a huge shift in me I can say that I have so much confidence in me that I can give a speech in front of any one and also an number of crowd that’s the amount of self confidence I got. So I went from being a very shy guy to an complete extrovert. There I decided now it’s the time to inspire people. So I joined a high school and there was election for the Head Boy so people only from 11th can stand for the election and I stood for it and I had one more person standing for the same election but he was in this school from 6th standard and knew end number of people and teachers but I knew very few so I took it up as a challenge and showed everyone my skills of presenting and bang on the results came in my favour everyone was so impressed that I got 70% of the votes. There was new a leader born in me.

I always had a thought in mind that I want to do something for the society and want to inspire the youth. So one evening when I was listening to the speech of Steve Jobs that he gave at a university convocation  and said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”  This got fit in my mind and I started connecting the dots it took me a around 3 days to come up with a idea to inspire the youth and to be an inspiration for them. The idea was why not have a Model United Nation (MUN) Conference. The very next day I approached the principle of my high school and she was very impressed and she said go ahead with it but the only thing I requested her is I don’t need any teachers help. I want to do it entirely by students and she gave it a thought and then she said okay. There it was a very successful MUN which had 800 students participating in it for a two full day conference. It was super hit.

There I was looking at the participants faces and hearing them call out my name while I was walking towards the stage to give the closing speech. I knew I inspired them. They had a MUN this year too and I was the advisor of the MUN. There I clearly inspired the students.

I believe that we are who we choose to be.

Nobody is going to come and save you. You’ve got to save yourself.

Nobody is going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for it.

Nobody knows what you want except you, and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it.

So don’t give up your dreams.


Yash Chheda

– attended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai

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