No matter what, always do what you love


I was five years old when I danced for the first time. Now, I am twenty plus and I am passionate about dance.

My career goal and passion are two different things. Six months ago, I got admission in   a Management College . I had always wanted to do MBA and get into the advertising sector. But, I was not happy with my admission as I wanted to do MBA from one of the top 30/40 colleges of India. After thinking a lot, I decided to prepare again and appear for  entrance exams next year.

As I always wanted to pursue my passion along with my career, I decided to shift to Mumbai and take professional dance training. When I told my decision to my family,  they were shocked. They thought I was being immature and foolish by foregoing my MBA admission. I and my father had many  discussions about my plan. At last, my father agreed  to send me to Mumbai for  three months . I wanted to stay in Mumbai for a longer time and do another course after my first dance  course as no one can  become a dancing star in three months. My dad refused to sponsor me for more than three months. I went to my grandparents and asked them if they could help me as  they had deposited some money in a bank in my name.  They were ready to help me, but  were a bit  hesitant as they were afraid of my dad’s reaction. Somehow I convinced  my dad and decided to manage my expenses from the  money my grandparents had deposited in my name.

This whole journey was tough but today I am in Mumbai and doing what I wanted to do.

So no matter what, always do what you love.

Richa Misra

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