Teaching and writing gives me happiness since childhood


Teaching and writing gives me happiness since childhood. Sound knowledge and academics is the base of both passions.

As I belong to a small village, getting quality education was not in reach easily. Since childhood I travelled in public transports for schooling in nearby town. Travelling for 4-5 hours a day, walking 5-6 kms., fighting with the evils of society which u come across every day I passed my 12th standard with 1st rank in the district. Along with it never gave up on my passion. I taught students at home in summer breaks and even after coming from school. There was no scope for writing but I passionately wrote speeches and articles for the assembly in school and recited them there.

These hardships taught me the importance and need of higher education from a well established institute. Overcoming all the odds like lack of career guidance, no internet access, unavailability of good coaching classes for further career avenues’ preparation; by making each and every effort contacting people and setting things right in place, I landed in Government Law College, Mumbai (one of the leading law institute). I always drew inspiration from my mother and kept fighting with the challenges of language barrier, change of lifestyle and finally I am doing very well in my academics and co-curricula. After shifting to Bombay I taught in a municipal school and I am writing for online journals and websites.

I knew since start that studying in a leading institute will provide me with plethora of opportunities to follow my passion with more enthusiasm. And yes, it is so today. I want to become a judge but simultaneously I want to continue with teaching and writing with same the passion till the end because this is what I love.


Written By- Paridhi Agar

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