The most difficult task is to stand up for ourselves in life!


How when I used to witness female protagonist transgressing from ashes to phoenix, I used to dream of doing the same, although, with a greater difficulty. Coming from a family where I wasn’t inherited with assets like beauty, riches or a big name. With a father, emotionally dead for me and unemployed since 18 years, I never imagined that I could trace this much journey of my life with such a stature, all because of my superwoman. It was during my school times, when I used to be the ‘ugliest’, I tried fixing the problem of my beauty by losing 30-kg straight and switching to a healthy lifestyle, in order to be accepted as an ‘average girl’, AT LEAST. It was only after accomplishing that streak, when I realized the actual importance of having a good health and also because that the “ugly” prefix to my name had more or less made me numb on feelings, rendering me least on confidence and self-esteem, which, once led to my decision of almost dropping law.

Today, as I retrospect, I see myself as a really submissive one, even so, because I had articulately realized the absence of any X-Factor in my life. I was like any other beauty obsessed girl. But today, I know that the only priced obsession that one can be vested with is CONFIDENCE and WILL to follow one’s dream, which I realized that I have and it is not something as ephemeral as beauty because it radiates even more with experiences and injuries. I lost weight, I beat against all odds and decided to do law, I participated in public speaking, I became indiscriminate about human color, all because I had the courage to scorch out of my comfort zone, and make my own distinct identity sans “TAGS!”

I am still young to preach this, but, yes, the most difficult task is to stand up for ourselves in life! Don’t be afraid to accept your weaknesses and work upon   it. Stay motivated in life, it works like a protein shake. Its just like taking a bath, sometimes doesn’t long, but, necessary to have everyday! Don’t make your   negatives a reason to whine about, instead, craft it into some turning points of your success story  or even your failure ones! I am on my way too!

 Khubi Agarwalattended YIC 2016 at RGIT in Mumbai

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