How Choosing a Career is like Dating

Dear Millennial,

You might be freshly out of your high-school, in your first year of your college or the last year figuring out what you want to do after your graduation.

You have searched all over the internet and yet, have not been able to decide whether to pursue higher education or get a job.

You have spoken to your parents but don’t feel they understand you because of the generation gap. You have spoken to your friends but they don’t have enough knowledge. You don’t have the means to reach out to the people in the industry.

You have been reading about people doing what they love and you wonder — How did they get there?

And now you are here reading this blog, expecting to get some clarity. All I can offer is this –

Calm Down & Relax!

Seriously, calm the heck down and stop expecting. You are worried because you are surrounded by your illusory competitors. You want to have a better job or land up in a better B-School than these competitors.

Who are these illusory competitors? They have been with you all your life. They were introduced to you by your parents and they have stuck with you forever now. They come in different forms; as your building friends, your classmates, your dad’s friend’s Son or Daughter. Precisely, one of those infamous — “Sharmaji ka beta!”

If you want to have everything better than your illusory competitors, you should stop reading this already. If not, you need to look for what you really want to do; what you love to do, in fact.

Steve Jobs once mentioned in his Stanford Commencement Speech,”The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

When I heard during my college days, I didn’t understand it. But now, this makes so much sense. In today’s world, it is difficult to find what you love to do. With so many opportunities available, you tend to have a lack of industry insight regarding a specific job/function.

Finding your career is just like Dating.

Yes, I am now talking about those cute lovely moments we all have had in school or college. Every time we liked someone we termed it as “Love”.

You have been doing the same rut which is required to look for a career for yourself.

Let’s take a look at your first love. You went all out, made yourself available, stalked them on social media, asked your friends, started spending time together and what not!

It’s the same rut you have to follow when it comes to choosing a career. You need to go out in the industry and gain personal experience. You will eventually know if you like doing the work or not. You are never going to learn what you love to do while reading articles or talking to your pals.

This is the right time to try different fields, so that once you graduate you will at least be sure what you like and want to do. Go out into the industry and ask for an internship in the company you would want to work for. The least you can expect is — No! Which is still fine, you didn’t have it anyway. Try for another and yet another company you would want to work for. You will surely make your way in the industry.

Instead of commenting on your friend’s photos or talking to your crush on Facebook, spend some time on LinkedIn and connect with people from the same area of your interest. Drop a message to them asking about their professional experience. You never know, they might have an opportunity for you.

Be ready to take an “NO” from most of these people. They might not respond adhering to their busy schedule but no harm in asking, right?

It is pretty impressive the way MentorMind ( is helping college students to connect with various companies and vice versa. You can opt for various challenges according to your field of interest. Here’s how you will find what you loved doing the most and look forward to pursuing it in future.

There’s also Young India Challenge ( – an experiential event focused on the idea of #DoWhatYouLove and making an impact. The 8th edition will be organized on March 4-5, 2017 at IIT Delhi. Applications are open.

There is no rush! There are no illusory competitors! It’s YOU!

I am sure you still might have more doubts. Find answers to your doubts or look for people who can! Don’t Settle, Ever.

You will grow, you will make mistakes and it’s human to make mistakes but maturity is when you learn from them.

Good Luck!


Contributor –

Karan Narang

A Traveller, Biking Enthusiast, Beer Lover, Blogger, Spiritual, Marketing Personnel

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