Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi? by Bhavya Arora

Answer by Bhavya Arora:

Definitely! I will answer the question through my experience and observation.

I am a very extrovert person, engaged in 10 acfivities at a time, trying to explore everyopportunity that comes my way. I'll express my opinion about if it's worth as a delegate first, then as my over all assocoation with Human Circle. 🙂

I attended YIC CVS in 2015. Has my life changed since then? Yes! Did YIC change my life? It was a turning point in my life where I started looking for my passion. I began to explore my passion in the numerous activities that i would otherwise be engaged with.

Have I found my passion yet? I don't think so. I shared with Kamal sir once, that I think my passion lies in purpose. I don't know if it's one specific purpose that I am looking for or it's transient to somethig meaninful where I can drop my little contribution to the Universe. But yes, the awareness itself has brought a change. The awarness that it is okay to keep looking for what is it exactly that you love doing and you know you would enjoy doing even 50 years down the line, something that keeps up your adernaline levels just at the thought of it, the platonic romantic love for work kind? Awareness that you can find Mr. Darcy in your passion (silent sobs)

I read it a while ago, that the moment you hit the conscious awareness of something, 50% of the job is done. Rest 50% comprise your efforts, skills, etc. I believe Kamal and Wioleta brought us the 50% it's upto us to take this to 100% or still choose to not follow our passions. I have met amazing mentors there! Yatin, Avani, Onkar, Nikhil, Nehha..! Extraordinary people you can look up to. YIC is a definite go go! As for friends, I read someone criticising friendships at YIC. I had my YIC friend Aparupa helping me through my breakup even when we hadn't talked in a long while. Had I gotten her as an angel had it not been for YIC? NO! Avani was a mentor at YIC SRCC but I often cry my bits and pieces to her. Would she have been a support if it weren't fot YIC? I have Wioleta to pour my heart out over a cup of coffee about how to bring a major life decision to my family. Would I get such a comfort and support from a commercial life coach who just wants to mint money? No. I know she wants the best for us. She wants to be the support to as many people following or trying to follow their passions, as she can. Would I laugh so much had I not met Divyansh at my YIC? No. Had I gotten warm hugs from Komal? Would Viraj, Rohan, Bhavya, Aashima, Yamini, Dhruv, Ishaani, Madhav, Sakshi, Manvi (and so many more) be a part of my Universe had it not been for YIC? or the YIC community? No! It's upto the person where he takes his life or how he/she perceives it.

As for my association with Human Circle, I have been a delegate, an alumni, a happiness team member, and an admirer. Human Circle is that group of people who give you bear hugs so tight that even if you are yet to find your passion, you know you have someone to lean on and be your guide through the journey 🙂 so yes, coming to the question, if YIC is worth it? Yes please!

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

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