Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi? by Bhanvee Gupta

Answer by Bhanvee Gupta:

Since one of things that I was reminded at YIC 2016 Mumbai chapter was to speak up about concerns that I care about and one being conferences like these, here is a list of few pointers that might answer your question and your underlying confusion:

1- ‘worth attending’: how would you define what is ‘worth’ for you? paisa-vasool? worth your ‘valuable’ time? worth convincing your parents or worth convincing your inner indecisive-self? For me, it was to honor an event that was trying to make a change on Indian landscape (there are truckloads of similar events that happen outside and few like Techsparks that happen here, but for which you have to pay a good amount, and amazingly no one complains about that!) and making an effort to push myself out of the comfort zone, meet new people, respect their views(even if totally in disagreement) and still strike a conversation. So, list down your priorities, even if for (just) an event. (See that is the beauty of it. The process.)

2- As Wioleta and many informed speakers did mention earlier, it is not a miracle-booth, an event which you attend and your miseries of life would be put to an end. And one needs to respect that the organization is still in its early stage, yet they are making efforts to plan the event, organize it, get speakers which if not extremely famous, yet have credibility. It will improve and that takes time. Even Google and Apple were born out of a garage.

3- Best advice would be to go with your expectations as normal as when you go out to meet your friends. Only here there would be people from varied backgrounds, trying to find a connection to other like-minded folks, and getting inspired by small struggles of each other, who might not have been as lucky as you are.

4- The team-building exercises and other such activities are just small processes meant to keep you engaged and to open up. A two day event won’t give you an entry into Harvard but maybe it can give you the drive to reach there. Coming from the Product Design background, where every other day is a challenge: coming up with new ideas, developing it, iterating, presenting and convincing the other side, I took a backseat here and instead saw how others think and propose a solution. That was an eye-opener. I have my own set of learnings and I hope so would you.

5- As for friends, I did find many and connected with them during the duration of the event and some even after that. They share their own passion for books, adventures etc. and can provide valuable links. So, yes, you get an opportunity to create networks, if you make an effort.

At the end of it, it is not spoon-feeding. You have to figure out what is good for you.

Hope this helps!

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

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