Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2017 at IIT Delhi? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

The first time I got to know about Young India Challenge was through Facebook when one of my friends had invited me to like the page and the event. I didn’t give it a second glance thinking it might be just like different events happening in Delhi.

This happened when I was in my first year of colllege and the applications were out for the Young India Challenge SRCC 2015. Something about me – I have done various recitation, debate competitions since class 2. Have attended so many Model United Conferences. I have had exposure to lot of different events in school being Peer educator also. So meeting people and going for such conferences for public speaking wouldn’t excite me if it isn’t is different.

Then again I got a personal message from that friend regarding this event. So I decided to open the page and atleast read about it. It was so much more than just motivation. The tagline DoWhatYouLove stuck in my head.

I decided to fill out the form. Got selected. Was very excited about it. 2 months after my interview had happened and I was selected, finally those 3 days had come which I was waiting for.

The moment I sat in the hall I could feel the energy and positivity in the room. Meeting so many like minded people with whom you can discuss so many things. Once it started, one doesn’t want it to end.

There are a lot of activites and fun games conducted so that you can look into yourself and see how you can improve yourself. There are a lot of self help books on the shelf and the one thing in common in all of them is the word “Self”. You have got to help and improve you, yourself. Nobody can do that for you. Mentors, writers, speakers and other people can only guide and motivate you to start doing it but until the fire doesn’t come from within you will never be satisfied with the results.

There are speaker sessions and these people are from various backgrounds ranging from Social, Business, Technology fields, Artists. They can be working in big companies or they can be start up founders or they are doing something for the society. The one thing all these have in common is the story they share with us which relates to something in our life and pushes us to look within ourself and see where we can improve.

There is also a full day dedicated to come up with an idea regarding different issues like employability, education standards, UN’s sustainable goals. You are given time to think of an idea with your team and how you can implement it. There are so many mentors to help you throughout this process and at the end you have to present it to the judges.

Now comes the part when it got over and I went home. I couldn’t sleep that night because of the fact that the 2 month excitement I had for the event is over. So what next do I look forward to. After that I started realising with each day passing what this event had done to me. It gave me the power to self introspect and see how I can improve myself. It helped me to talk to random people and form a team with them and present an idea to the jury. It taught me the values like how one needs to stand by the team. It helped me to think better. And also this just happened because I went in with an open mindset to learn whatever I get which I can filter later in my brain.

An event like this can never be beneficial for you if you go in there to win an award or impress someone. You have got to be yourself and just learn whatever is happening there.

Coming to some of the points that have been written in the earlier answers –

1. They charge entry fees for the event varying from 1600 to 2500. How can an event for 2 days be for free? The amount they are taking is 5-6 times lesser than what other organisations charge for 2-3 day conferences.

Human Circle has started to spread the DoWhatYouLove movement so that we students can benefit and excel in what we are good than doing stereotypical things. Any decent MUN also charges 1500-2000 with school MUNs even charging 4000 per delegate. And that too just for you to debate with our people. I am not saying that MUNs are not worth the money but the people who want to build their confidence and remove the fear of talking to people and public speaking should definitely do this. So for a conference like Young India Challenge this amount that they are charging is really nothing compared to quality and knowledge one is getting.

2. Regarding the speakers and mentors – These people take out time out of their schedule to talk to the youth brigade of the country. One thing that we all know is that if you don’t ask for help, then how will the other person help you. So one needs to ask questions and have conversations with them to get to know more. They come for the whole day and delegates can talk to these people on a one to one basis also. They guide you and can also be mentors after the conference. As I said earlier also it all depends on how you have a lookout to the conference. They can help you so much but you need to go and talk to them regarding it.

3. Regarding the Idea formation on Day 2 – It gives you so many learning aspects as in how actually team work and team leadership happens. In colleges we have our fests and our part of it. That is a different kind of experience. Being in a more professional environment and working on your ideas will help way more in the future. And this exercise in the YIC gives that flavour too. It is not about just coming up with an idea but also how you come with it and how you tackle the situations which come in the way.

Some people relate it to just entrepreneurship but I will relate it to life and the lessons I learnt from it which are going to help me all along my life.

You can’t expect any conference to turn your life around in 2 days. When people have these notions they feel dissatisfied by the quality of the that conference. Okay suppose Steve Jobs was alive and I put you in a room with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet. We know how motivational they are and their work speaks volumes about them. You think meeting and spending time with them would be helpful if you don’t have an open mindset to learn? If you think yes then this conference isn’t for you, because until you go in there to learn and help yourself, you can’t benefit from it. Those people can only guide you and motivate you if you want that yourself. If you are just in for the certificate and award then this is the wrong place.

I hope this might give you a fair idea about Young India Challenge. All I want to say is #DoWhatYouLove.

Is it worth attending the Young India Challenge 2016 at IIT Delhi?

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