What do you deserve from your job?


There were times, in not so old world, when once you got a steady, average-income job, you thought that you’ve made it in your life. For the youth out there today, it’s intense. Only a paycheck won’t be enough. So what more do you deserve from your job? Following are ten things that you deserve from your job besides a paycheck:

  1. A safe, pleasant environment

Environment plays a key role in your job. After all it would be your second home! A sense of safety and comfort at your work is vital to keep you going. Remember, your prime motto is to enjoy your hard work, and not to frame plans of how to escape this hell.

  1. Opportunity to grow

If Life has to be defined in one word, the best suited would be ‘growth’. Your work life needs a constant growth too. Your passion at work won’t be the same, if you are asked to do the same kind of work for many years. You deserve growing space in your job as much as the fingers of a two year old.

  1. Opportunity to showcase your talent/ skills

If you have talent and excellent skill set, you should have a platform to practice them as well. A job that doesn’t provide you ample opportunities to showcase your talent and the skills you possess is certainly undeserving. Don’t work only for capital, work to capitalize your potential.

  1. Job satisfaction

In any way you have to work to make a living, so be sure that you invest your time and energy in something that leaves you satisfied at the end of the day. So many people live in unhappy circumstances at their job, just because they are conditioned to a life of security and monotony. Don’t do that to yourself.

  1. Challenging circumstances

Added responsibilities, deadlines, meatier projects or some new job descriptions, your job should be challenging in one way or the other. The thrill of work shouldn’t die, especially when you are young. Take risks, take challenges, score big!

  1. A balanced life

Work is important, but that won’t serve you as the sole key to happiness. You need to make time for your loved ones. Seek a job that is not damaging to the other half of your life.

  1. Opportunity to learn

Learning is a choice, and life never stops giving you this choice. Your job should also give you opportunities to learn new skills, new ideas, new tactics or may be new languages. Welcome such opportunities with a smile. Remember: Learn new, Stay young!

  1. Chance to explore

Your job should give you chances to explore different arenas of work life. You should have liberty to take some liberties with your job description, until and unless it will result beneficial to your work.

  1. No TGIF

There are many people who start their weeks with Monday blues, sulk all Tuesdays and Wednesdays, spend Thursdays in anticipation and then at the end of Friday, they would be happy to get two days off. Definitely the five day routine is demanding, but living only to be alive on weekends, is not done.

  1. Service to society

At the end of the day, try doing benefit to a greater cause of society through your work. Your job should add value to someone’s life, besides adding some to yours. Smile, and be a source of others’ smiles as well.

Before you disregard this as a description of a Utopian, unachievable job, let us tell you that in order to have this, you need to give the same amount of input. Invest in your personality, your skill set, your hard work and in your passion. It’s all there within you.



Republic Day Special- ‘Do What You Love’: To Be Happy or To Be Great?

Republic Day.jpg

The question that often occupied the minds of everyone around the world in the early twentieth century was “how does this “Unnatural Nation”, on the plank of fighting a common enemy (British), reconciles its social differences and clings on to a concept known as ‘India’?”

We seemed enormously difficult a nation to be managed. Why? It’s because India has everything a nation could dream of. With the largest democracy, seventh largest area, second largest population, diversified cultures, more than thirty languages and rich climatic conditions. However, the benefits come along with their own drawbacks. On this Republic Day though, we can certainly respect the wisdom of our forefathers who ensured that our constitution made room for all sects, religions and divisions to coexist, giving each individual the freedom to be who they want to be. So among other patriotic posts that your eyes will set on today, let us ask ourselves – what if Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of our Constitution, chose to be an industrialist or someone else?

Context: In reply to a hypothetical question like this, we can run our imagination as fast as we want. Probably then, our constitution had more flaws, less help could have reached to the backward sections of our society, or a less efficient constitution could have resulted in a civil war! But none of it happened. May be because Dr. Ambedkar, along with the other people involved in the building of our nation, were doing what they did, for a much greater cause.

Story: Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in a poor, neglected stratum of the society, and faced many struggles throughout his life. His childhood experiences were haunted by the exploitation he went through as an ‘untouchable.’ People from backward sections were not even bestowed with basic human rights. But he decided to revolutionize the mindset of people in the Indian society. After being rejected innumerable times, he went on to become great because he had a vision for how independent India would look like. His profound education and vision are more or less the reason we are celebrating the Republic day today and enjoying the perks.

Moral of the Story: In our life as well, we have a choice to either choose something that we just love to do, or extend that love to benefit a greater cause of the world – something greater than ourselves. The latter one would be hard, scary and uncomfortable but it would be a fight worth remembering. Our nation has a dire need to rise above ourselves love and our own families and benefit a larger part of society. Today is a reminder of our rights and freedom, something our forefathers were devoid of. But remember that rights and freedom come with duties and responsibilities as a citizen. Consequently, we should have more energy, stronger spirits and greater causes to fight for. So what would you choose Just be happy or be great?

By the way, Happy Republic Day!




Ten Myths About YIC – BUSTED !

  1. Who’s the ideal delegate for the upcoming YIC?


Myth: Someone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

Reality: YIC is for anyone who wants the inspiration and motivation to pursue anything that s/he loves. It can range from painting, cooking, teaching or anything on this earth. It is also for those who want to make it big in their lives, but haven’t yet discovered their passion. We would welcome you on board.



  1. How long will the YIC experience last for?

    unnamed (1).png

Myth: It’s just a two day event.

Reality: The two day event is only the beginning of a wonderful relationship between the like-minded people. YIC hosts regular meet ups, fun picnics and reunions, to replenish the energy and motivation to keep doing what you love. Other than this, the creator of YIC, Human Circle, also hosts many other programs and events. Check the website for more details www.humancircle.in


  1. Can we make money by doing what we love?

unnamed (2).png

Myth: NO. We need to get into mainstream professions to make money. Doing what we love is more like a hobby and it should not become my career.

Reality:  The key to be super successful, rich and happy is to do what we love. You might make some money by doing what you do not love for a short period of time, but passion is what keeps you going in the long run.


  1. What do we get by attending YIC?


Myth: Nothing substantial. There are just some speaker sessions, and few contacts to get internships and jobs.

Reality: We can give you the entire recipe, but you need to cook your own food. There will be some inspirational storytelling sessions, many opportunities for internships and jobs, and some lasting friendships, all of them, so that you can do what you love, become a champion at it, make an identity and get your voice heard. But YIC is not like a placement fair.



  1. How much efforts are needed to pursue something that you love, however unconventional may it seem?

image (1).png

Myth: It is easy, always fun but not very fruitful.

Reality: It take immense efforts for anyone to go against the flow, and do what it takes to make it big in the field that s/he loves. Hard work will always be the key to success, but at the end of the day, it will be soul satisfying.



  1. Does YIC only promote entrepreneurship as the best career option?

image (2).png

Myth: Oh yes certainly.

Reality: We promote ‘Think like an entrepreneur.’ that is to think beyond the mainstream culture the society projects.  YIC promotes the best career as the one that you love, that’s it.


  1. Is YIC life changing experience for all?

image (3).png

Myth: Oh yes. It sounds so.

Reality: This event will turn out to be a life changing experience only for those who are willing to give their 100% input. As the saying goes, all that you give is what you receive.


  1. What is the selection criterion for the delegates?

image (4).png

Myth: YIC selects people from academically rich backgrounds, and prestigious colleges and schools. They don’t have any strict selection guidelines.

Reality: The YIC panel is extremely particular with the selection process. The best 10% of all the applications are only selected. People who mention their only biggest achievements as belonging from some coveted schools or colleges are straight forwardly rejected. YIC certainly is for people who aim much higher in life.


  1. What all is included in the registration fees?

unnamed (3).png

Myth: Since YIC is a national event, accommodation must be included in the fees for two days. Flight tickets probably?

Reality: Accommodation is not included in the fees. Technology has made it much simpler to book for your own convenient flight/train tickets and staying places. Before appearing for Young India Challenge, a simple challenge like this could definitely be your cup of tea.


  1. Is YIC another talent show like Indian Idol or Master Chef?

image (5).png

Myth: Oh yes. We will have to showcase our different talents out there on stage.

Reality: It is nothing like those shows. It is an event to spread the awareness to ‘do what you love’, meet exciting people, and to fuel you with the motivation to take the graph of your life to its peak.