Republic Day Special- ‘Do What You Love’: To Be Happy or To Be Great?

Republic Day.jpg

The question that often occupied the minds of everyone around the world in the early twentieth century was “how does this “Unnatural Nation”, on the plank of fighting a common enemy (British), reconciles its social differences and clings on to a concept known as ‘India’?”

We seemed enormously difficult a nation to be managed. Why? It’s because India has everything a nation could dream of. With the largest democracy, seventh largest area, second largest population, diversified cultures, more than thirty languages and rich climatic conditions. However, the benefits come along with their own drawbacks. On this Republic Day though, we can certainly respect the wisdom of our forefathers who ensured that our constitution made room for all sects, religions and divisions to coexist, giving each individual the freedom to be who they want to be. So among other patriotic posts that your eyes will set on today, let us ask ourselves – what if Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of our Constitution, chose to be an industrialist or someone else?

Context: In reply to a hypothetical question like this, we can run our imagination as fast as we want. Probably then, our constitution had more flaws, less help could have reached to the backward sections of our society, or a less efficient constitution could have resulted in a civil war! But none of it happened. May be because Dr. Ambedkar, along with the other people involved in the building of our nation, were doing what they did, for a much greater cause.

Story: Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in a poor, neglected stratum of the society, and faced many struggles throughout his life. His childhood experiences were haunted by the exploitation he went through as an ‘untouchable.’ People from backward sections were not even bestowed with basic human rights. But he decided to revolutionize the mindset of people in the Indian society. After being rejected innumerable times, he went on to become great because he had a vision for how independent India would look like. His profound education and vision are more or less the reason we are celebrating the Republic day today and enjoying the perks.

Moral of the Story: In our life as well, we have a choice to either choose something that we just love to do, or extend that love to benefit a greater cause of the world – something greater than ourselves. The latter one would be hard, scary and uncomfortable but it would be a fight worth remembering. Our nation has a dire need to rise above ourselves love and our own families and benefit a larger part of society. Today is a reminder of our rights and freedom, something our forefathers were devoid of. But remember that rights and freedom come with duties and responsibilities as a citizen. Consequently, we should have more energy, stronger spirits and greater causes to fight for. So what would you choose Just be happy or be great?

By the way, Happy Republic Day!



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