What do you deserve from your job?


There were times, in not so old world, when once you got a steady, average-income job, you thought that you’ve made it in your life. For the youth out there today, it’s intense. Only a paycheck won’t be enough. So what more do you deserve from your job? Following are ten things that you deserve from your job besides a paycheck:

  1. A safe, pleasant environment

Environment plays a key role in your job. After all it would be your second home! A sense of safety and comfort at your work is vital to keep you going. Remember, your prime motto is to enjoy your hard work, and not to frame plans of how to escape this hell.

  1. Opportunity to grow

If Life has to be defined in one word, the best suited would be ‘growth’. Your work life needs a constant growth too. Your passion at work won’t be the same, if you are asked to do the same kind of work for many years. You deserve growing space in your job as much as the fingers of a two year old.

  1. Opportunity to showcase your talent/ skills

If you have talent and excellent skill set, you should have a platform to practice them as well. A job that doesn’t provide you ample opportunities to showcase your talent and the skills you possess is certainly undeserving. Don’t work only for capital, work to capitalize your potential.

  1. Job satisfaction

In any way you have to work to make a living, so be sure that you invest your time and energy in something that leaves you satisfied at the end of the day. So many people live in unhappy circumstances at their job, just because they are conditioned to a life of security and monotony. Don’t do that to yourself.

  1. Challenging circumstances

Added responsibilities, deadlines, meatier projects or some new job descriptions, your job should be challenging in one way or the other. The thrill of work shouldn’t die, especially when you are young. Take risks, take challenges, score big!

  1. A balanced life

Work is important, but that won’t serve you as the sole key to happiness. You need to make time for your loved ones. Seek a job that is not damaging to the other half of your life.

  1. Opportunity to learn

Learning is a choice, and life never stops giving you this choice. Your job should also give you opportunities to learn new skills, new ideas, new tactics or may be new languages. Welcome such opportunities with a smile. Remember: Learn new, Stay young!

  1. Chance to explore

Your job should give you chances to explore different arenas of work life. You should have liberty to take some liberties with your job description, until and unless it will result beneficial to your work.

  1. No TGIF

There are many people who start their weeks with Monday blues, sulk all Tuesdays and Wednesdays, spend Thursdays in anticipation and then at the end of Friday, they would be happy to get two days off. Definitely the five day routine is demanding, but living only to be alive on weekends, is not done.

  1. Service to society

At the end of the day, try doing benefit to a greater cause of society through your work. Your job should add value to someone’s life, besides adding some to yours. Smile, and be a source of others’ smiles as well.

Before you disregard this as a description of a Utopian, unachievable job, let us tell you that in order to have this, you need to give the same amount of input. Invest in your personality, your skill set, your hard work and in your passion. It’s all there within you.


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