‘You’ are Important



‘Do What You Love’.

We have heard this phrase often now. But what is it that strikes you the most on hearing/reading it?

Which is the single most word, amongst all the words that form this delightful phrase, that you feel is the most relevant?

I can hear the echoes of voices screaming, the words are ‘Do (Just Do it)’ or ‘Love’.

Certainly, these action words are important. For, these are the words that will eventually keep you going. But amidst all the action, the word that we miss out on most of the times from this adage is ‘You’.

Yes. You read it right. YOU are most important. Why? Because it is ‘You’ who chooses the path and the work you want to go for. The phrase ‘Do what you love’ might end with ‘You’, but in actuality it starts with ‘You’. You need to know the needs of this ‘You’ first, to know what you love.

Become aware, whether you love something only because you were asked to love it? Or whether because your dearest friend loves it? Or whether it is only to prove any kind of superiority? If the answer to any of these is a yes, then stop right away. Just stop!

The parameters of loving anything are the same everywhere. And this ‘love’ is never going to be identical to the love of anybody else. It’s much like how Caroline McHugh puts it (link- https://youtu.be/veEQQ-N9xWU). It says that the only thing that is common between every successful individual at the top is that nothing is common between them.

If you love to talk, go out and look out for the avenues to display the evidences of your burning desire. Do you love to entertain? Then stand up and never miss the opportunities of doing so. And if you love to fight, then learn the Martial Arts and be the best at it.

It only seems that simple but needs consistent hard work and a ‘never give up’ attitude. Know your heart’s yearning, know its burning desire, know in which direction does its pointer points.

There could be some steps to follow your ‘Love’. And they are:

  • Explore that are and get to know more about it through all possible sources and opportunities
  • Surround yourself with those kind of people who help and encourage you to be you
  • Straighten up your time table, be disciplined and train yourself
  • Do the best you can to master that area/skill/interest

Don’t look for jobs that will satisfy you. But just do what you love so well that you create your own job. #DoWhatYouLove


Contributed by:

Harshita Chavda (YIC 2016, Mumbai)

Harshita works for Community Relations at Ecomytra Organics. She is studying B.Com from Thakur College of Comm & Science and an alumna of R.A.Podar College. She is a member at YP IAA. Inspiring through a daily dose of Writing, Art – Designing is her core. She has also been trained in Classical Indian Music. She believes that the self help books are the best gift to humans. She is looking forward to go ahead with the whole initiative of inspiring, encouraging and ultimately connecting with the most amazing kind of people which HumanCircle as a whole has always helped in accomplishing.

4 thoughts on “‘You’ are Important

  1. This is a very well articulated and thought provoking article, especially the part where you wrote about questioning the rationale behind our love for something! Makes you want to review some of the things you thought you love. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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