From learning to write the first alphabets,

To learning H2SO4, kinetics and sets;

From being restless, naughty and reckless,

To sit still, poise and studying sleepless;

I started my journey to be educated.


The competition was set.

It was decided that we could all get,

An iphone, X-box or even lip balm!

If only we could top the exam.


The questions were learnt, the answers were crammed,

Anyone who tried the other way was altogether damned.

The information was stored, revised and processed,

Our skill of reproducing the same now was accessed.


The results were out, the streams were decided,

I resented the X-Box girl, who nearby resided.

I challenged her in my hearts of heart,

I’ll show you my successful education’s part.


And so I continued my journey.

In the hope of making success and money,

And battling cut-offs, and system of Reservation,

I wondered what to earn in the name of education?


Then I read in a book that night,

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

It expands your mental horizons and liberates you,

It turns windows from mirrors to see the world view.


Education is not only in degrees and paper,

But it’s like Adventure Books and roses bunched in a wrapper.

If you can learn anew and change, your education is a success;

If not, you better try ‘Ignorance is bliss’.


I wondered then again,

Our education system should use some brain.

It drives an aimless herd of youth,

Far from life, far from truth.


So I started a chain of change.

With colorful hopes- red and orange,

To ensure that people are on the right expedition,

And not wonder at a crossroad: what is education?


Wait till this journey is complete,

The roots were bitter, the fruit will be sweet.

You’ll realize that education wasn’t just a preparation for life,

But it was the life itself; full of passion, full of strife.


So, are you EDUCATED?


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