Why AIESEC in Delhi IIT is fully Sponsoring the Winners of YIC 2017?


Youth led organisations are needed to empower the efforts and missions of platforms like Young India Challenge. Having said that, what could be better than AIESEC DI, which is a leading local committee of the world’s largest youth-run organisation? Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC believes in making strong, young leaders, in order to make a radical change in the society. It offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership roles and participate in a global learning environment.

A key player in the success of AIESEC in India, AIESEC DI has shared a harmonious relation with Young India Challenge over the years. At Every YIC, there are some delegates and mentors who have been the members of AIESEC, and extend their experience and support to YIC. Thus, AIESEC recognises the movement of #DoWhatYouLove and youth empowerment and believes in encouraging it. The values that AIESEC shares with its fellow members to carry throughout their lives in making more responsible decisions that will positively impact the world are also acknowledged by YIC. They are as follows:

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Activating Leadership
  • Acting Sustainably
  • Enjoying Participation
  • Living Diversity


This common aim to empower young leaders and shared values for the future gives AIESEC DI a worthy reason to sponsor the winners of YIC. All winning team members will be offered a full scholarship for the ‘Global Volunteer Exchange Program’ and all the participants will be given a partial scholarship. The top talented youth will have an international teamwork experience, to engage with the largest student network in the world, and become prospective responsible leaders of tomorrow. AIESEC DI extends its full support to this initiative by Human Circle, and hopes to make a positive impact through this collaboration, on the society. You can find more about AIESEC on www.aiesec.in. Also apply for the limited spots at the upcoming Young India Challenge at: www.youngindiachallenge.com #DoWhatYouLove #BeAGlobalCitizen





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