Preunion Meet-up! YIC 2017 #DoWhatYouLove


An effort was recently made on February 11, 2017 to interact with the delegates of the upcoming YIC, which was innovatively known as ‘Preunion’. The motive behind the Preunion was basically to convey the idea and agenda of YIC, to meet and interact with the new members, and to build a momentum of excitement with just few days left for the big day. The YIC Preunion Delhi 2017 at Awfis (a coworking space), started with Happiness Team members – Sadnyesh and Tushar, having a light-hearted interaction with the newbie members, which was then followed by some quirky ice-breaking games.

4Once the ice was broken, and the members were at ease and talked with grease, the Creator of YIC, Mr. Kamal Seth, along with the his lady luck, and Co-creator, Wioleta Burdzy Seth, took his audience to the journey of formation of YIC. While listing out his ideas and reasons of starting Human Circle and Young India Challenge, he stressed on the need and importance of #DoWhatYouLove movement in our society, and its direct relation with success and happiness. He also gave a brief idea about the agenda of the two days at the upcoming impact edition of the 8th YIC, and how previous YICs have a positive change in so many individuals. 1

The last segment of the Preunion saw short and crisp interviews with the members, asking them about their reasons for applying for the next YIC, how was their experience at this first interaction with the YIC family, and how excited they are to come for the much anticipated event. Giving a smiling and positive response to all the questions, everyone moved to the networking and photo sessions, trying to get the perfect ‘dabbing’ pose. Everyone there had their own different stories, but all shared one common wish. And that was if anyone asked them in the future whether they do what they love, they could be able to scream at the top of their voices saying, “Hell Yeah!” #DoWhatYouLove


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