“To Do Something Big We Have To Start Small”

Amlan J

I am Amlanjyoti Khanikar, CEO OF GT TECH, I belong to a small town of North-East Assam, Moranhat, and I am now 17 years old and in the Class 11. I started my journey in Class 9. It was like as I belong to a small town which is far away from the business capitals and we have to buy clothes at a very high price because the retailers have to outsource their products from very far places as Northeast is very far from the manufacturing units. So I started to outsource products from Jaipur, Rajasthan and somehow after many hurdles I managed to get a stock of Rs. 17000 which I saved as a pocket money from 5 years. But unfortunately my stock arrived one day before my boards Exams. I somehow convinced one retail store to buy my stock and I got a loss of Rs. 5000. I was very disappointed from it because of the loss. Then after 2 months the same retailer ordered me another stock of 25000 and I collected money from my friends and got the stock and sold it and I got a profit of 6000,Then I got more orders by referral and I expanded my sales. Now in Class 11, I rarely attend my classes because I have to manage my company, I sell around 5-6 Lakhs per week now and I sell to nearly 50 retail outlets at a cheaper price than the wholesaler and distributors. Also I started my own company and I created many employment opportunities in this. Now recently I got a chance to showcase my start-up and I was lucky to get mentorship from top mentors of India. And also I collaborated with Assam government to promote products of North East and I got my 4 co-founders from IIT GHY who are helping me to build a B2B e-commerce platform to support the Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. And I believe that my start-up will create a millions of jobs in India in the villages and towns. And now my parents are also supportive of me. Now I also believe that to do something big we have to start small and then get a hold on it and then scale it to make it large.
At last I would like to thank Young India Challenge who gave me a chance to share my story.

Amlanjyoti Khanikar
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)


Press Release – 8th Young India Challenge (4-5 March, 2017 at IIT Delhi)

YIC Collage (1)

Human Circle organised the 8th Young India Challenge (YIC) at IIT Delhi on 4-5 March, 2017. It was an ‘Impact Edition’ and the focus was on finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’. 500 selected participants, speakers, mentors, jury members and happiness team members from 25+ cities were invited to do the challenge. Eventually 4 teams emerged victorious and were rewarded with prizes worth more than Rs 1 lac for each winning team. The was the biggest YIC so far. The 9th edition will be organized at IIT Bombay in October 2017. The application is now open!

Click here to check out the Video of the 8th YIC


The smiles and memories at the Impact Edition of YIC at IITD will take a long time to fade away. The social media is still buzzing with pictures, stories and videos. The #DoWhatYouLove movement taking social media world by storm! Organised by Human Circle, the 8th Young India Challenge saw the participation from the top youth influencers in India.


Kamal Seth and Wioleta Burdzy Seth, the founders and creators of Young India Challenge and Human Circle, along with an energetic Happiness Team, welcomed the delegates from different states and walks of life with interesting ice breakers on Day 1. Heated discussions started with the very first session, as Kamal addressed the youth, asking them about their passion, career and objectives for life. The ‘Hack Your Brain’ session next woke up the delegates to hard hitting challenges of life in India and around the world, and how can we overcome them by combining our passion and our attitude of not giving up. The Speakers lined up next were inspiring with their #DoWhatYouLove stories. The hall was charged with motivation and inspired by the addictive energy and enthusiastic of the speakers. At the end of the day, the delegates were divided in teams and the challenge was announced, leaving the teams in fits of excitement.


Day 2 saw the best mentors chosen from across India, extending their guidance to all the team. Authors, dancers, founders, corporate professionals, social entrepreneurs, social acvitivists, CEOs of MNCs and many others were a part of the ‘YIC Mentors and Jury Panels’. The focus of the challenge was UN SDGs, pushing the teams to brainstorm and find the best possible sustainable solutions for them. The bond strengthened, the intensity grew and the presentations were presented.

The 8th YIC concluded with an awesome awards ceremony, announcing the winning teams and ‘You Are the Story Winners, happiness, energy, stories, sugarcubes and promises to spread the #DoWhatYouLove movement to make ours and others’ life better and impactful. An experience like no other!

Check out the updates on our facebook page and website. The application is now open for the 9th YIC which will be organised in October 2017 at IIT Bombay. Top 10% of the applicants will get selected. Check more details here – www.youngindiachallenge.com #DoWhatYouLove #HumanCircle

Sponsors & Partners – ESADE Business School, Indian School of Development Management, AIESEC, Talerang, Mindler, MentorYes, KarmaCircles, Youth for Peace International, Global Action on Poverty, Ashoka Youth Venture, International Youth Council, PAN MACMILLAN INDIA, FITPASS, Culture Fox, Tangy Tomatoes, GrowthHub, I Impact India, Olready, Smaaash, Nutrilife, Thukral Tea, DU Express, University Express, Campus Drift, YourStory, Tasveer, EDC SRCC, Enactus SRCC.


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And its a wrap for YIC Delhi 2017

17103283_1842942342631526_459400742501164207_nAfter all the teams gave their presentations, it was time for the much awaited Award Function Ceremony. The multi colored balloons filled the stage, giving a colorful picture of our hearts. Kamal addressed the audience, followed by the Founder of Indian School of Development Studies, Ravi Sreedharan, who talked about the needful importance of preferring Development Studies Program over MBA.
The next speaker at YIC was very special, and she was Aarti Khetarpal. A delegate herself at YIC DElhi in 2014, Arti not only discovered her passion, but pursued it with full heart and focus. We had prepared a short, sweet video of her, that tracked her success as a Model, TV Hostess and Actor. She has reecntly bagged a film with one of the biggest productions. In her own words, she said, “Wherever I go, I say to everyone, that whatever little success i have achieved, I owe it to Young India Challenge, and Kamal and Wioletta Seth.” Heartfelt smiles were natural and common to all.
The next was the three stories of ‘You are the Story’ Contest, that saw three of our delegates telling about their inspirational stories. The noble intentions and efforts on their parts are significant and commendable.The appreciating applause must have filled them with energy and motivation to continue their endeavors with greater force. On the other end of the hall, the sugar cubes were getting filled at a much faster pace. Kamal surfaced another challenge to the people present, and that was to become financially independent by the next year. Almost everyone, including the writer of this blog, held their hand highest in the air.
The evening was power packed with action, and so the next we saw were Nikhil Kamath and Mahadevan B Iyer, two of the Happiness Team members, who came together after the last YIC at SRCC. They threw the audience in fits of laughter as they did a stand-up comedy act, ‘Comedy By Chance’. The duo along with another Happiness Team member and Mentor, Deepshikha also promoted their foodie rendezvous, Foodiezine. What followed then was also the collective effort of video-graphers and photographers of Human Circle and Happiness Team, who made a heart-warming video of all the happenings at the last two days in YIC.
The shout out was getting louder, as the Humans of Human Circle cheered and waited for the results to get announced. Four teams finally made to the 1% along with one team for the Special Mention. The four teams that won are: Team 30, Team 14, Team 22 and Team 28. The over joyous teams went crazy with happiness as their two days of hard work and brainstorming came to fruitful results. The other delegates also cheered for the well deserved teams.
This is what happens at the end of two days. You get so emotionally attached to the aura and the people at YIC, that you feel overwhelmed and grateful, with a promise to yourself to return the gifts you receive here. The Happiness Team was applauded and acknowledged. And the floor then was open for pictures, dance and more pictures!

Have a lifetime experience at YIC. The next one is happening soon. See you there. Till then, just #DoWhatYouLove.



Time for Challenge at the 8th YIC at IITD

After brainstorming sessions and skipping last night’s sleep, the teams are finally ready with their presentations. The eminent jury members are here, and the 38 teams working on the selected 10 UNSDGs are ready with their ideas. Out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals YIC selected ten among them to be worked on by the teams here, simply because these ten goals are more relevant to India’s challenges. Those ten are:

  • SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being
  • SDG 4: Quality Education
  • SDG 5: Gender Equality
  • SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • SDG 13: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

All the ideas will be voiced here. So stay tuned as we keep you updated with teams working on each of the selected ten UNSDGs.

# HereComesTheChallenge



The challenge is on!


The Impact Edition of Young India Challenge has already started impacting lives. After hearing inspiring speakers yesterday, our delegates are ready to create their impact as well. This YIC with over 400 delegates, 50+ mentors and 25+ members of Happiness Team, the idea is to create a significant mark in the lives of these people, that will create a ripple effect, moving them to a better and sustainable future.
After the challenge was declared open last evening, all the 40 teams are brainstorming to come up with their best ideas, in the competition to come in the top 1%. The challenge is to come up with the best possible, sustainable, practical solution to one of the selected ten UNSDGs, that can shape a better future for India. The delegates have already been selected from the top 10% of the applications, the challenge is to come in the top 1%.


So the platform is set, the challenge is open, the best people from across India are here, the brainstorming is on its peak, the best mentors helping them with their sheer brilliant experience, energy is on a rise. A memorable evening awaits us all.

With twinkling eyes, adoring smiles, and spirited hearts,
Happiness Team



The Day 2 at YIC begins promisingly

The heat of energy of the delegates on the second day of 8th YIC was defeating the coldness of the Sunday morning. The dynamic building of IITD echoed with the loud cheers and shouts as the Happiness Team played some ice breakers with them.
Buzzing with enthusiasm, and discussing ideas with their teams, the Humans of Human Circle looked eagerly forward to the day. The Mentors introduced themselves to the students, making them easily approachable.


The final day at YIC has always been our favorite. Be it interacting with many interesting personalities throughout the day or the team presentations, it always gives us more than we can hope for. With same hope today at YIC, the Happiness Team will keep you updated. With lots of energy, hope and happiness,

Warmest Regards,

Happiness Team





Energy ran like Electricity: The Final Hours of Day 1

The final hours of Day 1 saw Manas Dowlani, who introduced the audience to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He was a member of the team who curated the UNSDGs at Manhattan in 2015. He told about the hardships through which the United Nations go through, and how they can fail in completing most of the targets if we as a civil society do not take initiatives. We ought to work more to reach out to more people with help in food, shelter. water, energy, equality and so on.


Setting the stage for the challenge, Wioleta Seth then opened up to everyone about the challenge, while distributing the delegates into their teams. Energy circulated like electricity, as people interacted with their team members, making loud and clear jingles and coming up with innovative names for their teams. After all the procedures and process was discussed about the team challenge the next day, the best 100 pictures were played on the slide show. Kamal along with everyone sang ‘Aaj ka Ye din”,  with a hope of having an amazing and energetic Day 2. Wrapping up for the day, here we hope for a better tomorrow.

With Warmest Regards,

Happiness Team


Speaker Session Part II


The energy level in the hall now is brimming, we can only hope you could get some percentage of it on social media. So the next speaker is Onkar Khullar, popularly known as ‘Digital Gandhi’. With his quirky and unique style, he captured all the hearts with his innovative and admiring ideas and sign language, pushing the audience to consider how, why and what they are doing. One person, living ten lives, he’s endlessly innovative. He innovated a Talisman that go with two faces on either side: ‘My Journey is sealed’ and ‘I  He asked the delegates to close their eyes, and think about their life if today was the last day of their lives. If each one could be a ‘Digital Gandhi’, at the end of your life, when the devil will be looking in your eyes, we could smile back and say #NoRegrets.

The second speaker was another special lady, Prerna Mukharya. A fabulous lady, she was in a rush to catch a flight to Bangalore to get selected in the Forbes list of 40 under 40. The Founder of Outlive India, she inspired everyone with her struggling but heart-warming story, her ups and downs and experience as an entrepreneur. A Tedx speaker, she believes in thinking big and small at the same time. Think big enough that could scare you and people around you. Think small that could make difference in at least any one’s life.





Speaker Session Part I

After lunch, we started with the second half of the Day 1 session, with vigor, energy and lot to look forward.


The first speaker was Mr. Alok Agrawal, The founding Partner of The Growth Labs, who started with the question, “What are dreams?”
If you have a dream to tour around Europe, you can go with to sleep with that dream every night, but if you make it as your goal to go around Europe, you might go to sleep after working for it. So lets believe in making goals, and not dreams. Talking about his journey, he catered to one idea that he learnt throughout his life, and it was to change and adapt according to the changing times. With wise words and kind smiles, he left the stage for the second speaker.

Our second speaker, Saurabh Kaushik, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Mentor Trainer, brought in the hall, his corporate lessons, his story full of failures and successes. The problems that they share are common to all of us, which range from a dislike to the fractured educational system of India to shifts in interests and jobs. The change comes when there is a shift in the mindset, in thinking, the hard work you put and the actions you do.


Stay Tuned for some more amazing speakers!







Hack Your Brain Part II


After an amazing video experience, everybody needs to be relaxed. So to remove the traces of monotony if settled anywhere, our nice Founders asked everyone to give a nice gentle shoulder massage to their neighbors, and expect a nice return. More than giving a shock by this abrupt task, the delegates moved out of their chairs and comfort zone, to give a shoulder massage. Next?  It was our Young India Challenge ritual, the DoWhatYouLove clap. If you don’t know about it, check pictures and videos, or better come for the next YIC.


The next session was Self-Reflection, where self exercise worksheets were distributed, and people were encouraged to explore, engage about their intersts, their values, their happiness, and their circumstances. The answers to these exercises were genuinely heart warming.

The idea of equating Good Marks=Good College=Good Job= Good happiness was entirely capsized, and with that we break for lunch.