Why did MentorYes and Human Circle partner?

At the crucial junctures of life, everyone expects and needs right guidance before making the important decisions. Gone are the days when one could only look up to their elders and relatives for the right assistance. With the world going global, the ways of fulfilling the need to have the right mentor for Academics, Admissions, Skills and Career has also gone global. Young India Challenge and Human Circle recognizes this growing need in the youth of India today, and thus has partnered with MentorYes, that connects students to the right Mentors for any guidance.

With a mission to build India’s Most Extensive Smart Mentorship Program, MentorYes is a platform that makes available the right advice, mentorship and tools to convert positive turning points in the lives of people. The Mentors are hand-picked from across the best in India and the World – achievers, toppers, leaders and star performers from diverse disciplines and walks of life, and be it applications, admissions, examinations, career choices or one’s first job, one can easily find a helping hand with just the right experience to guide them.
Human Circle certainly believes in #DoWhatYouLove movement, and also acknowledges that at times, due to lack of information and resources, it becomes difficult to follow it. It’s at such stages in life, that one needs the right and experienced guidance which could provide them with information, advice, motivation, reviews and assessment, and mentorship. To simplify these stages, Human Circle has collaborated with MentorYes, to empower the youth to follow their passion in a smart, intelligent, and fierce way. Let MentorYes be your one stop destination to let go all your doubts and fears. To find more about MentorYes log on to: https://mentoryes.com. Also apply for the limited spots at the upcoming Young India Challenge at www.youngindiachallenge.com.


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