Why Human Circle is partnering with Mindler?

Seeking career guidance was never simpler. Mindler is the World’s most advanced and award winning career guidance platform. It has the perfect blend of education and technology; of excellence and experience; and an unmatched passion to make sure that every student progresses on the right path. Like Mindler, Human Circle and Young India Challenge also believe that Career defines the direction of our Life, and so to make well informed career decisions is extremely important. With their exemplary management team, advisory board and psychometric team that bring unparalleled experience in the domain, aim to leverage technology and research to help students, parents, schools, counselors in guiding with personalized, actionable plans to help one excel in his/her chosen career.

Today there are 150+ career options, multiple stream combinations and endless career paths. It is only but natural for a youngster to have difficulty in choosing the career that suits them the best. Human Circle acknowledges this need, and thus partnered with Mindler with the motive to empower more and more young people. So Learn, Explore, Realize and Connect! To know more about Mindler, log on to: www.mindler.com. And stay tuned for the updates from the Young India Challenge Impact Edition 2017.


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