Why is Human Circle Partnering with Culture Fox?

Someone has rightly said, “Art undeniably is conductive to Happiness.”         Art, Travel and culture empower us with experience, expression, innovation and an advanced sense of perception. They can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. Culture Fox is one such platform that considers art as an enabler and an educator. It believes in the power of art, and how the learning and exploration of various art forms and cultures in their native landscapes can help individuals with self-discovery and personal growth. For this, Culture Fox enables learning through cultural-exchange by bringing together art enthusiasts with professional artists across borders. They aspire to make art and art education accessible to people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. Their special programs and workshops of various genres cater to school children, college students and working professionals.

Human Circle certainly acknowledges the beauty, truth and the sheer importance of Art and Culture in our lives, and thus partnered with Culture Fox, giving the Cultural enthusiasts a world class platform. Culture fox also believes that by building alliances, they can work together to increase awareness, recognition and support for art and cultural education. This in-turn helps in creating an intrinsic global network that gives access to meaningful creative experiences and development opportunities to everyone involved. So involve in creativity, and gain a transforming experience. Learn more about Culture Fox on: http://culturefox.co. And stay tuned for the updates from the Young India Challenge Impact Edition 2017.


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