The Impact Edition of YIC 2017 begins!

The 8th Young India Challenge, Impact Edition at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi begins!


The temperatures are going to go high with an exponential increment in enthusiasm and energy, here at IITD, in the mildly cold morning of 4th March, 2017. The delegates are here, the Happiness Team is here, and of course our amazing Creators of Young India Challenge are here to have two amazing days.

You can catch us at live on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and WordPress for all updates! Be ready to catch all the action happening at the Impact Edition YIC LIVE.

      The Registrations desks are buzzing with delegates, the Ice Breakers, with a plethora of interesting games are breaking the ice, gelling up the delegates together, and we welcome the delegates with our ritual of Hi5s.

The delegates were introduced by our Star Wars themed names. What a sight to look at!!

The #DoWhatYouLove journey starts!!

Warmest Regards!





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