Hack Your Brain Part I


The second session of Day 1 started by sharing Collective Wisdom. It covers five main focus points:

  • Condition of our Modern society
  • Learning from the Self
  • Self-Mastery
  • Ten ways to hack your brain

The session started with some hard hitting realities of our modern society. Most of the people live in the capital city of India, which is also the most polluted and populated city, Delhi, there is over consumption of resources, making the city most unsustainable city. There is obsession with social media and technology, that is potentially very dangerous to the humankind. Increase of Couch potatoes in youth, who depends on the over consumption of junk food, forgetting totally about the smartest machine, our body.

With funny and sarcastic pictures on the projector, Kamal also targeted modern Slavery, the mad rat herd race at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station that we all encounter. The list was endless with over Dependence on Pills and Medicines. The key to success is to go within to find themselves, the society is going outside to pose fake happiness on social media, depending on cosmetics and filters to show the outside fake happiness, completely ignoring inner wealth. Self interested people, goes gaga over facebook likes, measuring their worth by such popularity. People out there are looking for Happiness kit, but fail to build one. Parents spend lakhs of rupees on their children’s education, struggling to see their kids succeed, imposing on them the stereotypical professions.

The session proceeded with an inspiring viral video that brings together all the greatest minds in the world together like Tony Robbins, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene and Tom Bilyeu, who talked about passion, individuality and sustainable development. There was a brainstorming session further where everyone had their insights on the video.


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