“No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”: The first session goes in full power


The delegates have traveled from Assam, Andaman Nicobar islands, Kerela, and Tamil Nadu. Travelling for 52 hours, people have come from all parts of India, to be a part of Young India Challenge. Wow? “Hell Yeah!” Vande Matram instilled a spirit in everyone, as they all stood up in the united national spirit.

Our idea is spreading of #Dowhatyoulove to miles and miles and we’re trying that the people who have not been able to make it to the YIC could be able to know about what’s happening all over.. Kamal Seth welcomed everyone, explaining and discussing with them about Human Circle and Young India Challenge. He discussed the logistics of marks and educational system in India, engaging everyone with questions about how marks have affected their school and college life till now.

Kamal took over the first hour of the session discussing the unemployment in India, and the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. He also took the delegates to a journey of YIC, how it started, and got to different parts of India, connecting over one million people with a road map to explore #DowhatYoulove.

“No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Kamal discusses the motive of moving people out of their comfort zone, and realize that it is where the magic happens. The delegates answered the questions with honesty, “What do you want from Young India Challenge?”

The next half an hour saw our Founder sharing wisdom and experience of his life, to Dream, Risk, Try, Hope and Believe in Big things. Discussing the opportunities that YIC has brought together for the delegates, Kamal talked about thinking beyond pay check, focusing on the job skills, exposure and practical experience, and making an impact in the world to be among the 1% tribe of successful and happy people.

Taking the theory to a higher level, Kamal dived into the paradoxes of happiness, of success and failure, and making a phenomenon ! Lets end the first session with,
“When you are living the best version of yourself, we inspire others to be the best version of themselves.” Stay Tuned!


Warmest Regards,
Happiness Team


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