Speaker Session Part II


The energy level in the hall now is brimming, we can only hope you could get some percentage of it on social media. So the next speaker is Onkar Khullar, popularly known as ‘Digital Gandhi’. With his quirky and unique style, he captured all the hearts with his innovative and admiring ideas and sign language, pushing the audience to consider how, why and what they are doing. One person, living ten lives, he’s endlessly innovative. He innovated a Talisman that go with two faces on either side: ‘My Journey is sealed’ and ‘I  He asked the delegates to close their eyes, and think about their life if today was the last day of their lives. If each one could be a ‘Digital Gandhi’, at the end of your life, when the devil will be looking in your eyes, we could smile back and say #NoRegrets.

The second speaker was another special lady, Prerna Mukharya. A fabulous lady, she was in a rush to catch a flight to Bangalore to get selected in the Forbes list of 40 under 40. The Founder of Outlive India, she inspired everyone with her struggling but heart-warming story, her ups and downs and experience as an entrepreneur. A Tedx speaker, she believes in thinking big and small at the same time. Think big enough that could scare you and people around you. Think small that could make difference in at least any one’s life.




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