Energy ran like Electricity: The Final Hours of Day 1

The final hours of Day 1 saw Manas Dowlani, who introduced the audience to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He was a member of the team who curated the UNSDGs at Manhattan in 2015. He told about the hardships through which the United Nations go through, and how they can fail in completing most of the targets if we as a civil society do not take initiatives. We ought to work more to reach out to more people with help in food, shelter. water, energy, equality and so on.


Setting the stage for the challenge, Wioleta Seth then opened up to everyone about the challenge, while distributing the delegates into their teams. Energy circulated like electricity, as people interacted with their team members, making loud and clear jingles and coming up with innovative names for their teams. After all the procedures and process was discussed about the team challenge the next day, the best 100 pictures were played on the slide show. Kamal along with everyone sang ‘Aaj ka Ye din”,  with a hope of having an amazing and energetic Day 2. Wrapping up for the day, here we hope for a better tomorrow.

With Warmest Regards,

Happiness Team

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