The challenge is on!


The Impact Edition of Young India Challenge has already started impacting lives. After hearing inspiring speakers yesterday, our delegates are ready to create their impact as well. This YIC with over 400 delegates, 50+ mentors and 25+ members of Happiness Team, the idea is to create a significant mark in the lives of these people, that will create a ripple effect, moving them to a better and sustainable future.
After the challenge was declared open last evening, all the 40 teams are brainstorming to come up with their best ideas, in the competition to come in the top 1%. The challenge is to come up with the best possible, sustainable, practical solution to one of the selected ten UNSDGs, that can shape a better future for India. The delegates have already been selected from the top 10% of the applications, the challenge is to come in the top 1%.


So the platform is set, the challenge is open, the best people from across India are here, the brainstorming is on its peak, the best mentors helping them with their sheer brilliant experience, energy is on a rise. A memorable evening awaits us all.

With twinkling eyes, adoring smiles, and spirited hearts,
Happiness Team


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