And its a wrap for YIC Delhi 2017

17103283_1842942342631526_459400742501164207_nAfter all the teams gave their presentations, it was time for the much awaited Award Function Ceremony. The multi colored balloons filled the stage, giving a colorful picture of our hearts. Kamal addressed the audience, followed by the Founder of Indian School of Development Studies, Ravi Sreedharan, who talked about the needful importance of preferring Development Studies Program over MBA.
The next speaker at YIC was very special, and she was Aarti Khetarpal. A delegate herself at YIC DElhi in 2014, Arti not only discovered her passion, but pursued it with full heart and focus. We had prepared a short, sweet video of her, that tracked her success as a Model, TV Hostess and Actor. She has reecntly bagged a film with one of the biggest productions. In her own words, she said, “Wherever I go, I say to everyone, that whatever little success i have achieved, I owe it to Young India Challenge, and Kamal and Wioletta Seth.” Heartfelt smiles were natural and common to all.
The next was the three stories of ‘You are the Story’ Contest, that saw three of our delegates telling about their inspirational stories. The noble intentions and efforts on their parts are significant and commendable.The appreciating applause must have filled them with energy and motivation to continue their endeavors with greater force. On the other end of the hall, the sugar cubes were getting filled at a much faster pace. Kamal surfaced another challenge to the people present, and that was to become financially independent by the next year. Almost everyone, including the writer of this blog, held their hand highest in the air.
The evening was power packed with action, and so the next we saw were Nikhil Kamath and Mahadevan B Iyer, two of the Happiness Team members, who came together after the last YIC at SRCC. They threw the audience in fits of laughter as they did a stand-up comedy act, ‘Comedy By Chance’. The duo along with another Happiness Team member and Mentor, Deepshikha also promoted their foodie rendezvous, Foodiezine. What followed then was also the collective effort of video-graphers and photographers of Human Circle and Happiness Team, who made a heart-warming video of all the happenings at the last two days in YIC.
The shout out was getting louder, as the Humans of Human Circle cheered and waited for the results to get announced. Four teams finally made to the 1% along with one team for the Special Mention. The four teams that won are: Team 30, Team 14, Team 22 and Team 28. The over joyous teams went crazy with happiness as their two days of hard work and brainstorming came to fruitful results. The other delegates also cheered for the well deserved teams.
This is what happens at the end of two days. You get so emotionally attached to the aura and the people at YIC, that you feel overwhelmed and grateful, with a promise to yourself to return the gifts you receive here. The Happiness Team was applauded and acknowledged. And the floor then was open for pictures, dance and more pictures!

Have a lifetime experience at YIC. The next one is happening soon. See you there. Till then, just #DoWhatYouLove.


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