Hack Your Brain Part I


The second session of Day 1 started by sharing Collective Wisdom. It covers five main focus points:

  • Condition of our Modern society
  • Learning from the Self
  • Self-Mastery
  • Ten ways to hack your brain

The session started with some hard hitting realities of our modern society. Most of the people live in the capital city of India, which is also the most polluted and populated city, Delhi, there is over consumption of resources, making the city most unsustainable city. There is obsession with social media and technology, that is potentially very dangerous to the humankind. Increase of Couch potatoes in youth, who depends on the over consumption of junk food, forgetting totally about the smartest machine, our body.

With funny and sarcastic pictures on the projector, Kamal also targeted modern Slavery, the mad rat herd race at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station that we all encounter. The list was endless with over Dependence on Pills and Medicines. The key to success is to go within to find themselves, the society is going outside to pose fake happiness on social media, depending on cosmetics and filters to show the outside fake happiness, completely ignoring inner wealth. Self interested people, goes gaga over facebook likes, measuring their worth by such popularity. People out there are looking for Happiness kit, but fail to build one. Parents spend lakhs of rupees on their children’s education, struggling to see their kids succeed, imposing on them the stereotypical professions.

The session proceeded with an inspiring viral video that brings together all the greatest minds in the world together like Tony Robbins, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene and Tom Bilyeu, who talked about passion, individuality and sustainable development. There was a brainstorming session further where everyone had their insights on the video.



“No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”: The first session goes in full power


The delegates have traveled from Assam, Andaman Nicobar islands, Kerela, and Tamil Nadu. Travelling for 52 hours, people have come from all parts of India, to be a part of Young India Challenge. Wow? “Hell Yeah!” Vande Matram instilled a spirit in everyone, as they all stood up in the united national spirit.

Our idea is spreading of #Dowhatyoulove to miles and miles and we’re trying that the people who have not been able to make it to the YIC could be able to know about what’s happening all over.. Kamal Seth welcomed everyone, explaining and discussing with them about Human Circle and Young India Challenge. He discussed the logistics of marks and educational system in India, engaging everyone with questions about how marks have affected their school and college life till now.

Kamal took over the first hour of the session discussing the unemployment in India, and the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. He also took the delegates to a journey of YIC, how it started, and got to different parts of India, connecting over one million people with a road map to explore #DowhatYoulove.

“No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Kamal discusses the motive of moving people out of their comfort zone, and realize that it is where the magic happens. The delegates answered the questions with honesty, “What do you want from Young India Challenge?”

The next half an hour saw our Founder sharing wisdom and experience of his life, to Dream, Risk, Try, Hope and Believe in Big things. Discussing the opportunities that YIC has brought together for the delegates, Kamal talked about thinking beyond pay check, focusing on the job skills, exposure and practical experience, and making an impact in the world to be among the 1% tribe of successful and happy people.

Taking the theory to a higher level, Kamal dived into the paradoxes of happiness, of success and failure, and making a phenomenon ! Lets end the first session with,
“When you are living the best version of yourself, we inspire others to be the best version of themselves.” Stay Tuned!


Warmest Regards,
Happiness Team



The Impact Edition of YIC 2017 begins!

The 8th Young India Challenge, Impact Edition at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi begins!


The temperatures are going to go high with an exponential increment in enthusiasm and energy, here at IITD, in the mildly cold morning of 4th March, 2017. The delegates are here, the Happiness Team is here, and of course our amazing Creators of Young India Challenge are here to have two amazing days.

You can catch us at live on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and WordPress for all updates! Be ready to catch all the action happening at the Impact Edition YIC LIVE.

      The Registrations desks are buzzing with delegates, the Ice Breakers, with a plethora of interesting games are breaking the ice, gelling up the delegates together, and we welcome the delegates with our ritual of Hi5s.

The delegates were introduced by our Star Wars themed names. What a sight to look at!!

The #DoWhatYouLove journey starts!!

Warmest Regards!






Why did MentorYes and Human Circle partner?

At the crucial junctures of life, everyone expects and needs right guidance before making the important decisions. Gone are the days when one could only look up to their elders and relatives for the right assistance. With the world going global, the ways of fulfilling the need to have the right mentor for Academics, Admissions, Skills and Career has also gone global. Young India Challenge and Human Circle recognizes this growing need in the youth of India today, and thus has partnered with MentorYes, that connects students to the right Mentors for any guidance.

With a mission to build India’s Most Extensive Smart Mentorship Program, MentorYes is a platform that makes available the right advice, mentorship and tools to convert positive turning points in the lives of people. The Mentors are hand-picked from across the best in India and the World – achievers, toppers, leaders and star performers from diverse disciplines and walks of life, and be it applications, admissions, examinations, career choices or one’s first job, one can easily find a helping hand with just the right experience to guide them.
Human Circle certainly believes in #DoWhatYouLove movement, and also acknowledges that at times, due to lack of information and resources, it becomes difficult to follow it. It’s at such stages in life, that one needs the right and experienced guidance which could provide them with information, advice, motivation, reviews and assessment, and mentorship. To simplify these stages, Human Circle has collaborated with MentorYes, to empower the youth to follow their passion in a smart, intelligent, and fierce way. Let MentorYes be your one stop destination to let go all your doubts and fears. To find more about MentorYes log on to: https://mentoryes.com. Also apply for the limited spots at the upcoming Young India Challenge at www.youngindiachallenge.com.



Why Human Circle is partnering with Mindler?

Seeking career guidance was never simpler. Mindler is the World’s most advanced and award winning career guidance platform. It has the perfect blend of education and technology; of excellence and experience; and an unmatched passion to make sure that every student progresses on the right path. Like Mindler, Human Circle and Young India Challenge also believe that Career defines the direction of our Life, and so to make well informed career decisions is extremely important. With their exemplary management team, advisory board and psychometric team that bring unparalleled experience in the domain, aim to leverage technology and research to help students, parents, schools, counselors in guiding with personalized, actionable plans to help one excel in his/her chosen career.

Today there are 150+ career options, multiple stream combinations and endless career paths. It is only but natural for a youngster to have difficulty in choosing the career that suits them the best. Human Circle acknowledges this need, and thus partnered with Mindler with the motive to empower more and more young people. So Learn, Explore, Realize and Connect! To know more about Mindler, log on to: www.mindler.com. And stay tuned for the updates from the Young India Challenge Impact Edition 2017.



Why is Human Circle Partnering with Culture Fox?

Someone has rightly said, “Art undeniably is conductive to Happiness.”         Art, Travel and culture empower us with experience, expression, innovation and an advanced sense of perception. They can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. Culture Fox is one such platform that considers art as an enabler and an educator. It believes in the power of art, and how the learning and exploration of various art forms and cultures in their native landscapes can help individuals with self-discovery and personal growth. For this, Culture Fox enables learning through cultural-exchange by bringing together art enthusiasts with professional artists across borders. They aspire to make art and art education accessible to people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. Their special programs and workshops of various genres cater to school children, college students and working professionals.

Human Circle certainly acknowledges the beauty, truth and the sheer importance of Art and Culture in our lives, and thus partnered with Culture Fox, giving the Cultural enthusiasts a world class platform. Culture fox also believes that by building alliances, they can work together to increase awareness, recognition and support for art and cultural education. This in-turn helps in creating an intrinsic global network that gives access to meaningful creative experiences and development opportunities to everyone involved. So involve in creativity, and gain a transforming experience. Learn more about Culture Fox on: http://culturefox.co. And stay tuned for the updates from the Young India Challenge Impact Edition 2017.