Challenges in Life are Essential

Mehak Sharma

‘Challenges in life are essential because it is these challenges that act as a driving force in our life’

If I talk about the journey of my life till now then the above mentioned lines perfectly fits into it. I have faced  many challenges- challenge of challenging the status quo, challenge of proving others that I took the right decisions, challenge that my parents should not face any criticism because of the trust that they put upon me and the biggest challenge among all is the challenge that I can look into the mirror with a sense of satisfaction and if not satisfaction then at least without any regrets.

I would like to begin with my 10th standard exams. I have always been a very serious student as I belong to a lower middle class family having three younger siblings with cancer-survived mother and also a very conservative society where there is a kind of discriminatory attitude towards girls but now of course it has changed a lot. I got a rank in my state with hard work and blessings. The media was at our small home which was already filled with people. But then one lady said that it is easy to get rank in 10th. Those words hit me. I took the humanities by challenging the status quo that a bright student should take science. So, there were two challenges – one the challenge to prove that lady wrong and second challenge was to get a admission not only in “good girls college” of Delhi University but also in the hostel on the demand of my father which was very difficult by being in a govt. school lacking basic facilities and especially from the state board. But yes, I again got the rank in state and admission in to the top college of DU as well. This time my success was much bigger. Then I came here where all the people around me were mostly from good backgrounds speaking good English. I used to remain silent in class not because I was not getting anything but because I didn’t know how to exactly put myself in to proper words. I was thinking that I would fail. I worked hard, started asking questions even if not so correctly. Also at my home, my parents were facing criticism of sending girl outside. I wanted to put a big slap on all those faces by proving them wrong. To my surprise, I was not only able to pass but got the second rank among 60 colleges of the DU. After that, I never looked back. I cracked the entrance test for JNU; not once but twice. I completed my M.A. in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University and right now I am pursuing M.Phil in Political Science.

In short, what is more important is to have  a belief  in yourself that what you are thinking about yourself is right and not what others are teaching you about yourself who don’t even know your limits. If one gets such a confidence then I think sky is the limit.

Mehak Sharma
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)

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