I Explored, Travelled, Read Voraciously and Found Out Who I Was

Nachiket Vaidya

My name’s Nachiket. I’m 18 – and on the verge of attending a third University in 2 years in a bid to do what I love.

You see, at first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

One day, sprawled across the sofa, after 4 hours of binge watching funny videos, I literally googled, “Purpose of my life”. I clicked on an article by Mark Manson. He posed to me a question I didn’t have an answer to – What kind of a shit-sandwich are you willing to eat to get to where you want? What trouble can you take to reach your destination?

I decided to answer this question. I explored, travelled, read voraciously and found out who I was. But I ate my shit-sandwich, I found out what I wanted to do – study Politics and International Relations.

The trouble is, I found that out when I was in the first year of pursuing B.Com.

Then, the 16 year old me recalled Gary Vaynerchuk’s seemingly quixotic words – When you get to do what you love, you win. Converting the quixotic into the astute and embracing victory as virtue, I dropped out.

Of course, I faced parental pressure – but my ineluctable desire to pursue my dream convinced them.

But, I made another mistake, I played it safe – I chose the wrong place from which to pursue my dreams. I didn’t find the intellectual environment that I needed.

The then 17 year old me recalled words of Mark Zuckerberg – not taking a risk is the only strategy that is designed to fail.

I believed I needed to switch my place of study one last time. As parental pressure and my inner skepticism rose to the occasion of questioning my life choices, I recalled the words of Peter Theil – what simple truth do very few people agree with you on?

Almost no one agreed with me, but I did apply to the place I needed to be at, and I’m on the verge of going there and fulfilling dreams.

I ate my shit sandwich, decided to risk my career, and answered the contrarian question – all to do what I love. And win at life.

Nachiket Vaidya
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)

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