I will play again till I reach the century

Anchal Raj Srivastava

My story till now was like snake & ladder game. Every time I was about to go century, something would happen making me start all over again, as if I reach the 98th cube and the snake bites & makes me go zero. But the game never ends, to succeed I was certain to play again & again and will reach century.

I passed my 12th in 2012 and got selected in merit list of ‘ISABELLA THOBORN COLLEGE, LUCKNOW.’ It was my dream come true to study in this college. But I didn’t take admission because of a sudden bad turn that shook the whole family. In a medical report of my mother, it was declared that she is suffering from ovarian and uterus cancer along with the stone in gall bladder and hernia. I struggled a lot because being the eldest one in the family, responsibilities came on my shoulder. After a year, she recovered. As the time passed, I was about to complete my graduation. Beside I was selected in an audition of Radio Jockey, in Academy of Broadcasting, Lucknow. Certified as Professional Radio Jockey, it was an awesome experience.

For my masters, I filled application form of Banasthali University for MBA. My parents went to Mehendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan by car, while returning they met with an accident at mid-night 2:30 am. And mother and father got badly injured and they were not in their consciousness. A stranger helped my parents to take them to hospital, and it took around 4 months for their recovery. I stayed with my parents to take care of them, and took a year gap from education.

In 2016, I took admission in Banasthali. Started my career towards the field of entrepreneurship. As, I already had an idea but didn’t get the right platform. This university helped me a lot in the direction. My idea is about ‘maintaining the healthy practices of menstrual hygiene in India’. As I’ve seen many women suffer a lot due to this including my mother. This inspired me to solve this problem at a global level. After all it’s a matter of dignity for every woman.

Now, YIC has inspired me to step ahead towards my goal and transform the society, be a change maker, by launching my product soon into the market. Hence, I will play again and again till I reach the century.

Anchal Raj Srivastava
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)


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