I never thought that I would become a social entrepreneur

Abhijeet Kasab Patil 2

At the age of 13, I never thought that I would come out as a social entrepreneur. One day I visited the local HIV Children Care – Center. It was the birthday of a friend who used to celebrate the day with them. That was the day when first time I got to know about them. I felt that I should work for the welfare of those children. I immediately started making a chain of like-minded people and started working. Initially, it was just the 14 of us and now I have 47 students working with me from 11 different colleges of Pune city. We started saving our pocket money.

A rough estimate of our inputs:


Daily (off on weekend) Rs.10
Weekly Rs.50
Monthly Rs.200
Yearly Rs.2400
Number of students:40 Rs.96,000

We conducted several projects like cleanliness campaign, received about 18 awards for our work. Being a good student during school, I had a good score in 10th and 11th class. But then things started to change when I started to lose self-confidence. With a bad score in the entrances, I decided to drop a year and prepare again, still getting a not so good result. I realized that problem wasn’t with me as such, but with that fact that I hadn’t exactly thought about what I am good at and was simply running the race.

About 6 months ago, after I attended a workshop in my college, I got familiarized with the term Entrepreneurship. Following with I did some research as well only to realize that, this is exactly what I wanted to do. I started working on my B PLAN and registered with IIM AHMEDABAD’s MASTER PLAN 2K16. Though I wasn’t expecting much, I managed to clear the two rounds, improving my confidence levels greatly. Later, I was also the part of NEC team of our college which got AIR 3 in IIT Bombay E Cell Event.

Gradually I reached a level where I thought of having my own startup. I ended up disappointed on my search for investors. At that point, I started to feel that nothing would go right anymore.

Finally, one day I decided, ‘Why not self – fund our own venture?’ and I began to look for people who’ll join me. On my 20th birthday, I launched my own ‘funds generating’ venture ‘SKM TECHNO SOLUTIONS’ and became the Youngest CEO of Maharashtra with an 80 people working in venture. We provide emerging enterprises with creative web spaces and generate funds for our future target. I have met one delegate at YIC who wishes to work with me. Thanks to YIC, now we use a part of our venture for doing social work.

Abhijeet Kasab Patil
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)

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