I will eventually reach where I aspire to be

Adnan Farooqui

I’m a computer science engineering student and I have always been fascinated by technology, machines, electronics etc. and I had pretty much decided that I would become an automobile engineer. That goal sustained till I got halfway through 9th standard. It was the time after the middle term exams got over and my birthday was approaching and my father decided to gift me my first computer. I had never had a computer before and all I knew was how to do some MS office and a bit about Paint and movie-maker. But I was very excited about my first computer still. Though I knew nothing about computers, I bought a pretty high end pre-assembled desktop. Initially, I spent days listening to songs, playing games and surfing the internet, until about a month later when I started developing curious questions in my mind like, ‘how does this machine does all this work’ and ‘how can I customize it as per my wish’. I started to hunt for answers and kept on trying, tweaking and exploring. About a year had passed, with my consistent efforts I had gained a sound knowledge now. My interest shifted towards website design and graphics design then. after learning them, I started freelancing, a bit of YouTube, started a blog on which I experimented various marketing and SEO techniques and as usual I didn’t stop there. In class 11 and 12th I learnt Java and SQL. I decided to take up software engineering to do something in the world of computers. I kept on learning and experimenting new stuff, advanced stuff and old stuff it went on and on and it is still going on. You would be wondering how did I get the time to do all this and what about my parents, did they not stop me from spending that much time on computers. The answer to those questions are, I gave priority to what I loved doing and what I found out to be my passion despite of my parents constantly yelling at me and scolding me. I gave time to studies as well, scored 85% in 12th boards as well. My priorities always remained to doing what I loved and eventually my parents also understood and started to share my vision. During 11th & 12th standard I was in constant pressure of getting into an IIT or an NIT and for that I had to study but I was still doing my computers thing. It was a very tough task- keeping the balance. I did not get into an IIT or a NIT not even a govt. college. I am in a decent private college now. But I still look at the positive side of it, I don’t need an institution to follow my passion or to showcase them to the world. I know that I will eventually reach where I aspire to be.

Adnan Farooqui
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)

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