I add confetti to each day. I fix problems with my glue gun

Simeen Anjum

Hi! My name is Simeen. I am 19 years old. I want to share my story of gaining independence and recognition and a voice of my own. I won’t go a lot in detail but I was once considered a dumb child in my family. The child that wastes stationery, plays with glue sticks and does not study. My parents would never give me any money because they’d think that I’ll waste it buying craft supplies. Even on festivals, our relatives would give me chocolates instead of money.
Okay so this is my story:
It started when I was 16 years old. I’ve always loved crafting. So I designed my crafts into products and started selling them in my class and school. I got a very good response so I set up a Facebook page (Simy’s Handmade) and that was the turning time for me! I got an amazing response. A lot of people started ordering things. Other campus companies collaborated with me for decoration services. It grew! I got in touch with carpenters, tailors, welders and a number of artists. I had such a vast variety of products to offers & I started getting orders from other parts of the country. And I’m proud to say that I have completed 3 happy years of my business & I have over 3000 happy customers all over the country. I’m titled as ‘the youngest entrepreneur’ in my campus. I am always invited to put up my stall or do decorations whenever there’s any event. I have helped more than 20 people earn money.
What matters to me is not the money but the trust and respect I have gained in my family and society running a successful business and employing people around me. Now even if I ask my parents for a big amount of money saying I want do a start-up, they’ll happily give it to me without any questions because they trust me, they know I’ll do something productive. One more thing that I came over is our social construct, the things people say. I’m a girl and I work; the first thing they’ll say is ‘why do you have to work? Are you poor?’ Well no. I don’t have to be poor to work. Everyone should work. Everyone should grow. And most importantly, this entire business thing has made me a very better person. I not scared of anything anymore, I take my decisions, I take better decisions, I am more open to ideas, and I’m confident that whatever comes my way, I’ll come over it.

Simeen Anjum
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017)

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