From Problem I faced during my education to rural students development Project

Sayli Bhoge

I was born on 7th August 1997 in Shevgaon, a small village in Ahmadnagar District. Till 3rd standard I studied in Government Marathi medium school in my village where my mother was a teacher. I was a bright student so my family decided to send me to school in Taluka Place. So, I went to Abasaheb Kakade Vidyalaya, Shevgaon. Initially, home sickness was my biggest hurdle and I soon overcame it as well.

In 10th I scored 94%, moved to Pune and took admission in Brilliants Academy. During 11th standard more focus is given on concepts but at my school it was more about students mugging up all the questions and answers and score very good marks. So, I couldn’t do well in 11th. Also, what bothered me during 11th was that some of my classmates used to taunt me because I was from state board and in semi English medium which did hurt me. After being the school topper for over a decade, finding myself in such conditions made me feel highly depressed all along the 11th end. 12th standard studies became most difficult task for me which used to be my strong point at one time. Due to this I started taking treatment for depression. Then my mental condition started affecting my physical condition as well which led to 4 long term diseases.

For recovery, from that situation I was sent back home. Before a month to the 12th class final exams I moved backed to Pune for preparation. With just a month’s preparation, I managed to clear my 12th class. I took admission in Pune Vidhyarthi College of Engineering Pune. In 1st year of engineering I worked hard to improve. One day during an Entrepreneurship Development Cell seminar in our college I learnt about Entrepreneurship. After the seminar I joined the EDC as a coordinator and came across a senior’s Business Plan. I started working on my own Business Plan. This interest ended howvever, with the backlog in 1st year. In the 2nd year I observed many of my friends were interested in making smartphone apps. So I decided to arrange for a workshop for our students in the college. Since I was new to this, I wasn’t aware of the right processes and procedures involved and despite my 2 month long effort, I failed in organizing a workshop. I realized that there was no one in the EDC anymore, so I went across, arranged for the permissions and started to set up the EDC once again. And subsequently managed to conduct the workshops as well, for which I got a great response. Since I was the only one manning the EDC, I conducted interviews for EDC and formed a team of 70 students. We started working on various competitions related to entrepreneurship. In one of those events competition we secured all India rank 3. So, this Diwali when I went back home, I realized that the education system was no longer the same. All the students were focusing only on mugging up and not building the concepts, leading to the situations that I had faced during my 11th and 12th class. Students were neither involved in co – curricular and extra – curricular activities anymore nor were they focusing on the state language anymore. After consulting the Trustee of my village school, we drew a plan of action and conducted surveys. My experience of studying in village, town and city was helping me greatly here.

Following that YIC happened, although I was a little concerned when the interview was announced as I am not very confident about my English, but the interviewer showed me support by offering to interview me in Hindi, I was told that only talent is what matters not the language. I cleared the interview as well and YIC was a great experience for me. Well, currently I am working on that project with aim that every student from any village or small town in the country should get a fair chance to learn skills which help him/her to compete when he/she will come for further education in city.

Sayli Bhoge
(YIC IIT Delhi 2017))

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