I obviously didn’t have everything figured out

Nikhil Kamath

Back in school I was one of those intelligently cool kids who know how to get all the work done and are kind of indispensible. Everyone looked up to me and thought, “This guy has everything figured out”, and I thought so too. I graduated from school in 2014 and joined India’s Top College for Hotel Management. But by 2015, I was turning into a mess, I was writing a food blog that had 0 hits, I didn’t have a proper friend circle and everything was going from coloured to black and white. I was not happy with whatever was going  on, so one fine day before joining training at a prestigious hotel I decided to  drop out of Hotel Management to do CA (I obviously didn’t have everything figured out). At this point, I didn’t want to do multiple things; I just wanted to do only one thing that would make me happy. Then in 2016, after a year of trying to figure out what my passion was, YIC happened.  I met some amazing and like minded people, I figured out that writing is my passion and I wanted to write and tell stories.

After YIC, I started working towards following my passion for writing and within 2 months my work had featured on Little Black Book Delhi, Food and Wine India, Fagnum.com and my blog was appreciated by many people. I finished writing a novel for which I’m currently doing publisher hunting and I hope I’ll be able to publish it by the end of this year. Also I realised that apart from writing in English, I could write well in Hindi too.  Over the past 6 months since September 2016, I can see the transformation in me. I’m happier, more confident, more willing to take risks and mentally stronger. YIC and #DoWhatYouLove has changed my life for good.

Nikhil Kamath
(YIC SRCC 2016)

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