In Conversation with Onkar K Khullar a.k.a Digital Gandhi



Onkar K Khullar popularly know as ‘Digital Gandhi’ started his first company, I Impact India Partners at the age of 21 and later Presentation Ink, creating a niche for himself as the youngest consultant in the ‘Cause Branding  & Marketing’ industry internationally. He is a 3 time drop-out and has recently spoken at a couple of TEDx events in Delhi.

His core areas of expertise and passion are – social impact, branding, marketing and social innovation. He is well renowned for introducing a new way of life called 5-year-old Philosophy through his book ‘5 Year Old Billionaire’. He is a Blogger with Cause Artist. In 2016, he has pledged to spearhead India’s Social Entrepreneurship Movement among the youth called ‘Gandhi with a Laptop’ through his workshops across the nation.

We got a chance to interact with him recently and he happily answered a few questions for us.

Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

Q1. You’re a social entrepreneur, author, blogger, philosopher, have 3 companies, written 3 books and you’re not even 30. How have you managed to do so many things and be successful in them?
Ans. When you start living each day as your last suddenly you start doing more of things you wanted instead of things others want. You have this tight bubble focus on what you wish to achieve.

Q2. You’ve been driving the Digital Gandhi movement for a while now. How have the people responded to it?
Ans. I wanted to make changing the world or should I say the act of doing good cool for the youth. Why should people line up just for a Beiber concert? Why can’t social work get the same response?
It has been more than a year and Corporates, Schools & Colleges are now taking this movement seriously.

Q3. How has your experience been being associated with the #DoWhatYouLove Movement?
Ans. It has been so amazing that the next event I will be standing there with a Flag which has a heart on it.

Q4.  What was your first thought when you heard about #DoWhatYouLove?
Ans. I so wanted to be a participant.

Q5. What inspires you to be a part of #DoWhatYouLove?
Ans.  I live by this motto every single day now. I believe this motto fits perfectly in every scenario of life.

Listen to Onkar’s Talk at the 8th Young India Challenge Here

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