Defining Doing What One Loves


I go out to mentor some juniors from school and college, so when I tell them that I do this because I love doing this. What generally one tends to assume is that ‘Doing What One Loves’ is merely merrymaking with a silver lining to it and one has to be too cool to do that. But as I have tried, failed, struggled and won at various fights for it, I can very well tell you that, ‘Doing What I Love’ is about fighting for what you are passionate the most about. Constantly grind and struggle, endure pain, get tired, face failure, fall down, get hurt but don’t stop, don’t stop until you reach where you desire to be.

In simple terms what normally one thinks of doing what one loves is to sit in a comfortable couch, sipping hot chocolate and reading harry potter at peace, which to their disappointment is not even 0.0000001% of the real deal.

So let’s break it down in a systematic way, how I pursue what I love:

  • A good effort has to be applied in sorting what is that one thing we are very passionate about.
  • Prepare a vision that inspires us to achieve all our targets and fulfil our dreams. The fundamental rule of having a vision is that it has to be totally unachievable.
  • The vision should always appear to be achievable at all times but still should not be achieved at any cost. That way it keeps one inspired and motivated to keep on going.
  • Then next, we have to fixate on one goal which has to be characterised to be specific and focussed, measurable and quantifiable as per various pre-determined parameters, achievable and target/milestone based, relevant and vision centric and most importantly it has to be divided on scale of time.
  • The scalability has to be evaluated per milestone per pre-decided unit of time and regular validation has to be practiced.

Though all of this may sound too bookish or technical, it is very important to look at one’s passion systematically and technically so that it no longer remains a mere interest or hobby. Once we take it seriously, we realise that one has to undergo a whole revolution in order to be able to pursue what one loves and make a living out of it.


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Mahadevan B Iyer

Mahadevan loves to try everything to satiate his ever – curious mind..!! He is deeply inflicted by CHANDLER BING. He questions everything and loves to talk. He is completely straight forward and is a traveller, author, poet, researcher, entrepreneur, event manager, teacher, learner, story teller, entertainer, chef & food lover, blogger and a few more things and is looking for his calling. A masters in engineering student by day, a lazy lame dreamer by night and crazy during the weekend, he lives by the thought of making the most of every single second of life.




Let me start off with a simple question: What does Passion mean?

In literal sense the word passion has various meanings, but all of them contain one thing, and that is emotion. Emotions play a vital role in our lives; they define who we truly are. Now, add to this a career, a job opportunity that gives us a way to express these emotions in the best of ways. Yes, I mean Doing What We Love.

We all have a certain purpose towards life and our whole life we keep on working towards, and for, it, but most of us end up doing something else which doesn’t rekindle the passion with which we had started. I am going through certain circumstances on similar grounds. I have always wanted to pen down my ideas and help people realise their unsaid words, and thoughts, but couldn’t pursue it. Now, I’m working, but my passion remains the same. I am still willing to work towards it because that is something which gives my life meaning and character.


Not all of us get lucky enough as to get another chance to follow our heart’s desire. All I want to say is whenever you see that little ray of hope, a sliver of an opportunity, grab it. Doing something that you love, and making a career out of it is the best gift you can give yourself. Don’t let a few moments of anxiety about the future extinguish the fire of that passion within you.


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Diksha Gaba

Hi, I am Diksha Gaba, and I reside in New Delhi. I chose medical in school, and did B.Tech in college.  Just like any other person out there, I too wanted to do something meaningful with my life, and am still working towards it. I am a girl who believes in one’s heart’s desire, and is willing to work for it. I have always wanted to write, to bring forth my ideas through the medium of writing, helping people to understand things which they might be unable to decipher. I believe one’s true potential lies in things that they love, and this is what I’m working for.